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10 Reasons to Use BIM

10 Reasons to Use BIM
In this two-part series, we’ll take a look at 10 reasons to use Building Modeling Information (BIM), the process of creating digital representations of building and infrastructure projects. BIM is changing how projects are planned, designed, built and managed because of its ability to create multi-dimensional layers of information that can be modified in real-time by various team members.  It’s not just about graphics; it provides detailed information that incorporates all aspects of a project from design to construction and materials to costs and schedules. Let’s look at the first five reasons to use BIM. 1. It has innovative design principles. Architects and engineers can push the envelope with innovative building concepts because BIM takes design to the next level with sophisticated 3D functions that can create intricate graphics. It can handle complex calculations that allow for accurate information to be created and stored within the design. 3D modeling allows for realistic simulation of the building, how it will be built and how it will be managed after construction is complete. 2. It’s more advanced than 2D drawings. Basic 2D drawings are limited to lines on paper. BIM allows for 3D modeling of objects such as walls, doors and windows that are linked to information that helps determine more than just the look of the building or infrastructure. It gives measurements and other construction documentation that a 2D drawing isn’t capable of calculating. 2D drawings can be converted in 3D BIM using an outsourcing firm. Once the conversion is complete, the project can be used in managing the operations of the building. 3. It has 4D capabilities. When 4D components are added to a building’s design, more information is available for the team to review and modify. A 4D layer adds information about the project’s estimated timeline for completion, giving developers the ability to create an accurate schedule. 3D capabilities include quantity takeoff, location-based quantities, resources, productivity rates and labor costs. 4. It has 5D capabilities. When 5D is added, the cost data is incorporated into the scope of the project. This is key in planning detailed budgets, including generation of Bills of Quantities. When subcontractors are hired, they can be given a flowline schedule based on locations, quantities and crew productivity rates to ensure there won’t be stops and starts. It also includes productivity rates and labor costs. 5. It has collaborative abilities. One of the best features of BIM modeling services for project managers is the ability to collaborate within a team. Each group involved in the project, from the architect to the structural engineer to the plumber to the subcontractor, can have real-time access to the plan. If changes are made to one area of the project, the effects it may have on other areas are updated as well. BIM collaborative features  can help ensure that the focus is on achieving the best performance from the design and the best value for the budget. Don’t forget to check out the second part of this series on BIM.


If you need help with BIM modeling services and are interested in lowering costs within your business, call Indovance today. When you outsource BIM needs, you’re able to decrease your project time because of our highly trained, experienced staff. Call us to learn about all of our outsourcing services, including CAD and architectural projects. We want to help your business grow and succeed to new levels, while lowering overhead costs and gaining profitability. You won’t be sorry you decided to take advantage of our amazing outsoucing services!
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