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10 Reasons to Use BIM, Part 2

In this two-part series, we’ll take a look at 10 reasons to use Building Modeling Information (BIM), the process of creating digital representations of building and infrastructure projects.

As we discussed in part one, BIM modeling services have changed how projects are planned, designed and constructed. It gives project managers the ability to create multi-dimensional layers of information from layout and design to materials and cost. Its collaborative feature allows input from each part of the team.

Let’s look at five more reasons to use BIM.

6. It saves time.
A project manager can cut their design time in half by using BIM modeling services. Because design changes can be made throughout the scope of the development of the project, from the early stages of conception to the late stages of the design, any modifications that need to be made within other areas of the project are visible in real-time.

7. It reduces waste.
The information provided by BIM modeling outlines materials and equipment allowing for a more accurate report of what’s needed for a project. This enables more efficient materials handling and waste recovery. With exact quantity takeoff, the right amount can be ordered. A reduction in waste means a tighter budget can be adhered to.

8. It factors in sustainable design.
Sustainable design is becoming more prevalent in design as builders see how their designs can have an effect on the environment and resources around it. BIM can help enable sustainable design so that elements like air flow, solar, heat gain and energy efficiency can be incorporated into building design. For example, the areas where the sunlight hits the building can be factored into the design in order to make the heating and cooling system more efficient.

9. It increases safety.
BIM records data used in code compliance during construction. Sometimes there are discrepancies between what complies and what is logistically buildable. These can be caught using BIM because of the ability to modify different elements of the design. These changes can be made before construction even starts to ensure that the structure is sound and that the building logistics are capable of being carried out by the contractors. Risks can be eliminated or minimized before they go on-site.

10. It gives managers more control over outcome.
Because BIM allows for the whole scope of a project to be visualized and planned, a clear idea of the intent can help developers achieve the outcome they need. Even before construction begins, they can build the project from the ground up and see it in a virtual environment. This allows them to optimize designs and rehearse how materials, equipment and labor will be incorporated.

Did you miss the first part of this series? You can read it here.


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