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4D BIM in Construction Scheduling and Sequencing


What is 4D Construction Sequencing?

4D Construction Sequencing combines 3D models with Project Programmes, creating an intelligent visual construction timeline. 4D Construction sequencing is the best tool for on-site construction. Understanding the construction phase-by-phase timeline and schedule is made easier by this procedure.

BIM technology has evolved to be revolutionary and is very far-flung in the construction industry. Earlier we talked about the Scope and Benefits of BIM in BIM Levels and Dimensions Explained. This article will discuss in depth the application and benefits of 4D BIM Dimension in construction which has the element of Time (Schedule) added and is also known as Construction Sequencing or Scheduling.

4D Construction Scheduling – How to keep your construction projects on schedule?

Traditional project management scheduling techniques and sequencing techniques in construction used 2D bar charts or graphs like Gantt Charts to illustrate production schedules or sequences. However, these traditional methods have more challenges and less benefits for the AEC industry. They were lengthy, unorganized, and overwhelming to read and visualize. Moreover, it was mismanaged and not an efficient way of communication among stakeholders. These formats limit team members to look and review their individual activities in a project and doesn’t inspire team collaboration. 

The construction scenario is rapidly evolving from 2D-based drawings to 3D models. Technologies like BIM have enabled builders and contractors to virtually illustrate and analyze a building or facility in its conceptual design stage even before the real construction begins. Therefore, leveraging BIM technology allows better communication, efficient decision making, on-time delivery of projects, and ultimately saving on cost.

4D BIM: Importance of Scheduling in Construction Projects.

4D Scheduling or 4D BIM Scheduling in construction is the combination of traditional project management scheduling techniques with BIM. 4D BIM allows the use of a parametric 3D model to auto-generate traditional building documents such as plans, sections, elevations, details, and schedules & sequences. It further facilitates efficient & active participation and collaboration among all the stakeholders involved in a project.

4D Modeling Steps

1. Information Gathering

It is very important to collect and coordinate data exchange right away from the initial stage of the project. Project Kick-off meetings serve as good platform to involve all the stakeholders and ensure that everyone understands their roles & responsibilities, the purpose of the 4D model, schedule & sequence for integration, and efficient communication & collaboration. 

2. Model Creation

Following the Information gathering, all the information goes through the planning process that connects the project development activities described in time schedules with 3D models to create a digital simulation of construction progress against time. 

3. Model Analysis

The construction schedule should be regularly reviewed and updated by the project team. The review should ensure that the modeling serves the purpose of the project, comprises all the necessary components of the schedule, the model is as per plan, LOD is accurate in the model and the model is easy to understand. 

4. 4D Phasing & Simulation

This is a process of combining the 3D BIM Model with time and computing the schedule data with various elements of the BIM model. A plan is then developed with stage by stage simulation of the project activities.


Benefits of 4D BIM in Construction Scheduling

  • Enhanced Visualization of Construction Process & Project Lifecycle – 4D BIM models enable proper visualization, modeling, and intelligent planning in large and complex projects. With the help of 4D BIM model Project managers can compare the scheduled plan with the original plan and ensure consistency across all phases of the upcoming construction timeline.
  • Improved Construction Planning & Management – Creating a 4D model supports monitoring the construction project development and preparing the coming steps. In the case of a large-scale project, 4D modeling can help project managers figure out when to book equipment, buy materials, hire specialists, coordinate among different activities, plan for a proper sequencing of events, and much more.
  • Efficient Clash & Risk Management – 4D building construction models enable construction animation sequencing to monitor the progress of the project and have full control over the project and the team working on it, thus increasing its safety for both the team and the client. 4D BIM construction tools also help the project team to coordinate its actions and prevent clashes.
  • Enhanced Coordination & Collaboration – Having the ease of team coordination allows project managers to effectively strategize collaboration among various team members and efficient distribution of project activities. Enhanced Coordination & Collaboration helps in optimal use of resources and save on funds.
  • Better Execution of Construction Process – With proper Information gathering 4D BIM models enable project managers to get an accurate schedule & sequence of project activities and allow efficient execution of project life cycle. 
  • Easy Monitoring & Tracking of Advancement – 4D BIM models play a crucial role in complex projects where physically tracking each and every activity can be quite overwhelming.
  • Better Bidding representation – Highly detailed 3D and 4D BIM models to offer a realistic view of construction and a series of construction events. Thus, assisting accurate bidding.
  • Cost-Efficient – Boosts your productivity and significantly reduces the overall budget cost with better project insights, be it the construction process, renovations and demolition. 4D BIM ensures cost-optimization throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

Monitor your construction project with 4D BIM and improve delivery capabilities

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