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5 Innovative Green Architecture Initiatives Around the Globe: Think Architecture, Think Sustainable


Green architecture techniques are one of many sustainable initiatives that are gaining popularity globally. These methods not only protect the environment’s worth and its limited resources, but many of them have added benefits for the economy and the environment. 

The world is currently dealing with extensive ecological harm brought on by human activity. As a result, numerous climate crises have developed, endangering the lives of all living things. Environmental laws have been established globally over the past 50 years, particularly in the construction industry, which is one of the most polluted. In order to lessen the harm that their creations cause, architects, designers, builders, and customers must make important design choices. 

A crucial component of sustainable urban development, which aims to combat climate change, is buildings that minimize their energy and water use.  

Let’s understand what Green Architecture is and discover 5 green architecture projects that aim at Sustainable Development. 

What is Green Architecture? 

Green Architecture or Green Buildings can preserve or raise the standard of living in the area in which it is situated thanks to its design and features. Achieving a high level of efficiency is necessary to accomplish because it minimizes pollution by using less energy, water, and other resources. The LEED certificate, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the generally recognized official designation that determines whether a structure qualifies as sustainable. 

Key Components of Green Architecture

  • Design Innovation – Implement innovative sustainability strategies during construction. 
  • Sustainable Sites –  Construction should not be executed in environmentally sensitive areas Protect and Preserve the natural habitat, lessen pollution and the use of resources from the environment, and promote contact with the natural world. 
  • Water Management – Reduce the amount of water used during construction and provide systems to lower the water footprint of the structure. 
  • Energy Optimization – Optimize energy usage, use renewable energy sources, and improve energy efficiency to lessen pollution. 
  • Sustainable Material and Resources – Use sustainable materials, integrate recycling systems, and conserve as many resources as you can while building. 
  • Air Quality Index – Address issues like air quality, thermal regulation, and noise pollution to improve the space’s quality for its occupants. 

5 Innovative Green Architecture Projects 

Let’s Discover a few of the green structures that pave the way for more responsible urban planning and sustainability. 

  • Canada’s Earth Tower  

Canada's Earth Tower – Perkins&Will

Location: Canada  

Architect: Perkins+Will 

The mixed-use building will rise to 40 stories and become the tallest hybrid wood tower in the world, significantly lowering the project’s greenhouse gas emissions through carbon sequestration. 

The building will not use fossil fuels like natural gas in operation, making it a zero-emission project in addition to using wood. The project will also significantly enhance livability in tall, urban residential buildings, which is crucial and will support the community. It will restore local biodiversity and provide lively, open spaces for the public by forging meaningful connections with our natural surroundings.

The project’s ambitious zero-emissions goals allowed it to surpass the goals outlined in the City of Vancouver’s Zero Emissions Building Plan and be accepted into the CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council) Zero Carbon Building Pilot Program. 

  • Copenhagen Islands  

Copenhagen Islands | Marshall Blecher

Location: Denmark 

Architect: Marshall Blecher and Studio Fokstrot 

The Copenhagen Islands Project’s goal is to create many artificial islands in and near the city’s various harbors. A “parkipelago” of floating islands that offers countless opportunities for enjoyable pursuits and regular exploration. 

The Copenhagen Islands will be placed in strategic locations within the inner harbor, but they will also find their way to other remote and underutilized areas of the harbor, igniting life and activity. Hopefully giving the once-industrial harbor sides a little bit of room for awe and inspiration. 

The project is designed by Fokstrot and aims to combat the harbourside’s shrinking public space as a result of urban development and to give the general public new recreational spaces to use. 

  • Forest School in Pune  

Forest School- Pune, India |Green building

Location: India  

Architect: NUDES 

Designed by the architecture firm NUDES, The Forest School is a six-story tall cylindrical tower. 

A 2018 study revealed that Prune’s air pollution levels are four times higher than the World Health Organization’s safety standards (WHO). Therefore, as a “Green Living Skin” to filter the polluted air via phytoremediation and create a healthier environment for its occupants, the School is covered with vegetation to combat the rising level of pollution. Additionally, the plants naturally absorb noise and assist in cooling the school from the heat. 

The school is equipped with classrooms, an auditorium, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a rooftop cycling track. 

  • Pixel Building  

Pixel Building - Studio505

Location: Australia  

Architect: Studio 505 

The Pixel building is one of the first zero-carbon commercial structures to produce all of its water and energy. 

The Studio505 team of architects developed this structure in 2010, which is over 840 square meters. It received the top score on the Australian Green Building Council certificate. Additionally, the building received the highest classification possible by earning the American LEED and British Breeman certifications. Pixel Building made history by becoming the first building to ever receive the top score for each of the three certifications and scored a perfect 6-Star Green Star 

Pixel building has vegetation covering the rooftop with rainwater collection and filtering systems installed to make it more effortless to use the water for the building’s refrigeration and toilets. There is also a connection between the drinking water installation and the neighborhood water system. 

  • Cross-laminated Timber ( CLT )  

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)- Generate and Placetailor 

Location: USA  

Architect: Generate and Placetailor 

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is quickly becoming a preferred material for both residential and commercial structures in the USA. 

CLT is distinctive in the fact that despite being five times lighter than concrete, it has a strength-to-weight ratio that is comparable to concrete. Since CLT was added to the International Building Code in 2015, it has been utilized as a sustainable substitute for building walls, roofs, floors, and even ceilings. 

This CLT Passive House Demonstration Project is a mass-timber, mid-rise, multi-family, and certified passive house building project. This housing project can run at net-zero carbon emissions thanks to the Model-C building system developed by the MIT startup Generate and the Boston-based company Placetailor. The project met the Boston Department of Neighborhood Development’s Zero Emission Standards in addition to being recognized as a Passive House. 

These Green Buildings truly demonstrate that excellence and innovation can push the limits of sustainable design.  

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