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An Overview of Transportation and Traffic Engineering Services


We all know that the world is witnessing prodigious change and upgrades in technology every day, and civil engineering has spread its wings to transportation and traffic engineering services. To dynamically design the roads and pathways, traffic engineering involves the management of traffic flow, road geometry, traffic signs, cycling infrastructure, road surface markings, and traffic lights. 

When we talk about traffic control and huge accidents occurring daily, the role of traffic and transportation engineers is becoming very much prominent. 

Let’s take a brief overview of the Transportation and Traffic Engineering Services 

Understanding Transportation Engineering Services 

Transportation Engineering is the most creative and at the same time the most analytical branch on the work front – very critical work required! Transportation is a daily affair in human life. On average, a person spends as much as 19 full workdays of the year commuting from one place to another.  

So, isn’t it a necessity to construct and sustain roads that are easily manageable by the authority as well as easily accessible to the people? 

Some Transportation Industry Statistics 

  • 10% of the gross domestic product is in the hands of transportation in the USA. 
  • One-third of America’s roads are in rural areas and approximately 45% of the highways are overcrowded. 
  • Cruising may account for 10% of the local circulation as drivers take as long as 20 mins to find parking space. 

Transportation Engineering Services Major Categories 

  1. Highways 
  2. Railways 
  3. Port and Harbor 
  4. Airports 
  5. Pipeline engineering 

Challenges faced by the Transportation Sector 

Transportation involves hard sciences as well as soft sciences. Transportation is amongst the key economic activities, besides, its service ramifications, and transportation cost for the substantial increase of the business. But to make it a success we need to work on the infrastructure needed for modern transportation systems. 

Traffic congestion and parking difficulties create hindrances due to overcrowding of space since footfall per sq. mt is not maintained. Demands for parking space are increasing and not getting fulfilled due to a lack of planning. Parking and congestion are interrelated! This is due to poorly synchronized traffic signals. 

Longer commuting time is spent traveling from one place to another. Improving public transport systems thus enthralls the population with options saving them time, money, and the luxury to travel with comfort. 

Markets, Agoras, Parades, procession community interactions, etc. are publicly owned spaces that are always free to access. High level of traffic gets in between the other 

 ways of sustainable transportation. People tend to walk or cycle less than in earlier days. This is due to traffic congestion. Evolving technologies such as Capital and Operating costs and Smart parking services can come to the rescue in near future. By evolving these technologies, it is also necessary to consider the sustainable outcome of transportation. 

One of the best solutions to lower its effect is providing sustainable transportation, which is measured by providing transportation efficiency as well as keeping in mind the hazardous impacts the environment and climate face. In short, a few measures should be taken that speak of a healthier ecosystem. 

Understanding Traffic Engineering Services 

Traffic engineering is a subdiscipline of civil engineering that focuses on the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways. Traffic Engineering services include planning of highways and pedestrian paths, the study and application of traffic statistics, and the environmental aspects of goods and people transportation. 

Traffic Engineering puts an emphasis primarily on traffic flow research, such as road geometry, sidewalks, and crosswalks, cycling infrastructure, traffic signs, road surface markings, and traffic lights. Except for the infrastructures provided, traffic engineering is concerned with the functional aspects of transportation systems. 

The goal of traffic design is to maximize efficiency for all users of a transportation system. 

Major projects involved in traffic engineering services are. 

  • Highway and Roadway Design and Detailing – Highway designing involves preliminary design advice and then the detailed design process. After this, the construction drawings and documents are prepared. The level of detail required in the project depends on how complex it is. 

The detailed design involves the use of AutoCAD and Civil 3D, computer-aided design software. Indovance Inc can design and detail the highways and roadways. 

  • Pavement marking and signing – As per the Institute of Transportation engineers, traffic engineers enable the safe, convenient, and efficient flow of automobile traffic. 

With the help of pavement marking and signing, Traffic engineering services use guide signs to give exact and less confusing notes on the highways. Along with this, they plan the alterations to roads or traffic signals and signs to better serve motorists and to reflect the changes in traffic patterns that have developed over the years. 

Building The Future with Sustainable Transportation at Core 

Sustainable transportation work w.r.t social, environment and climate impacts. It has the power to feed itself with renewable sources of energy. There is no agreed evidence of how a sustainable city should look like.  

It is a necessity to meet the needs of the present without sacrificing the future. Today 55% of the world’s population and by 2050, 68% of the world’s population will start living in urban areas. Sustainable transportation is one that speaks of much larger and greater benefits for humankind. 

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Indovance Inc is a leading company that has provided many successful CAD CAM civil engineering projects to its US customers and is visionary to endorse traffic engineering services. We act as per our client’s requirements and deliver the best. 

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