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Architectural Project Planning: Developing Permit Drawings For Residential Project

People often ask us about the architectural project execution process Indovance Inc, carries out for every project. They often seem to have lost the way after speaking to so many different experts from different companies. And it happens mostly with the new comers in the domain as there are mix theories about the execution part.

Before we begin, it is important to understand, every project is different, client requirements are different, challenges are different and there is no single or standard method used to resolve those challenges. Every architectural mind will have different approach to different challenge, similarly, different company will utilize its architectural expertise in different way. What matters most is project understanding and problem-solving ability that comes with experience. And at Indovance, we have it in abundance. We will go through the project detailing and developing the permit drawings in this article.

Project Detailing –

Detailing is typically the first stage of project where the scope of work and client requirements are discussed. This stage is the foundation for strong project planning and execution as basis this understanding, the permit drawings are created. More clarity you have in project detailing stage, better is the outcome.

Project Detailing 1

The Business Case –

Indovance Inc, recently got an assignment, where client wanted us to develop architectural drawings for a multifamily residential project. It is a mid-sized project of 3 phases with wooden structure and insulation to maintain the temperature inside. We gathered all the basic information on the project in detailing phase, like materials to be used, technical challenges, number of blocks/house, amenities, building phases etc., once the understanding is clear we started working on Permit Drawings.

What is Permit Drawings? –

Permit Drawing is, set of drawings or information which needs to be submitted to local governing body or local jurisdiction. This body reviews the project as per their standard norms and issues the permit to go ahead with project. Once the project requirements are understood, the Permit Drawings are worked upon and sent for approval.

What Permit Drawing Consists?

Though the detailing phase is very basic, real twist lies in the permit drawings. Even if you have understood the requirement, one must use all experience and knowledge for permit drawings. Indovance understands that different states, different governing bodies, different cities can have slightly different norms, different weather conditions, different lifestyle and living conditions and hence the role of our architectural team is of utmost importance. Our experienced team of architects could understand, visualize the actual site and articulate the most accurate drawings fulfilling both – client and local jurisdiction. We could give right inputs in terms of –

  • Project dimensioned floor plans (floor levels, location of smoke alarm, exhaust fans, stair risers, ceilings & fittings etc.)
  • Site Plan (with title boundaries, existing site levels, dimensions and bearings, proposed site cuts, location of retaining walls, downpipes, rainwater flow, set out dimensions, north point, legal point of discharge.)
  • Elevation section preparation
  • Area calculations

Even though the construction documents will have more in-depth and technical description of the project, accurate Permit Drawings are required for better understanding of project. We will have a deeper look at developing Construction Documents and its elements in our next article.

Indovance Inc, is an engineering business solutions company which provides Mechanical, Civil, Architectural and Graphical services to its clients. We have proven expertise in the field of Architectural Engineering services (concept development, schematic design to landscaping, 3D rendering), Specialized Architectural Services (Millwork, Digitization, Space planning and detailing, Retail) or BIM services. For more information on our services you may get in touch with us on +1 919-238-4044 or write us at – [email protected]

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