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Autodesk Revit 2023 New Features and Benefits

Autodesk Revit 2022 release was appreciated by many users and proved to be the most stable version of the software in quite some time. 

The Revit Factory announced the Revit 2023 release, and the update has been rolled out globally. 

Revit 2023 promises enhanced performance, better productivity features, and more thoughtful approaches for managing the data, both on desktop computers and in the cloud. 

Let’s take a dig at the Top Autodesk Revit 2023 Features & benefits 

What’s New in Autodesk Revit 2023

AEC professionals are enthusiastic about the Autodesk Revit 2023 update as it makes Revit quicker, easier, and better tailored to your workflow. With more than 30 feature requests derived from Revit Ideas (A Revit Community platform to directly communicate your thoughts, ideas & opinions for upcoming product enhancements with the Revit team).  

Revit is evolving with the developing needs of users. 

Revit 2023 – Key Themes 

  • Design Efficiency & Productivity 
  • Simulation & Analysis 
  • Interoperability 
  • Cloud Data Management 
  • Design Optimization 
  • Documentation Efficiency  

Top 10 Features & Benefits of Revit 2023 

  • New DYNAMO 2.13

New DYNAMO 2.13

In order to boost the success of computational designers, both novice and seasoned, Generative Design and Dynamo Player have undergone a visual makeover. Sliders, numeric entry boxes, more in-menu descriptions, and a simpler way to locate product help and support are among the interface updates for Generative Design and Dynamo Player.  

There are numerous new details for Dynamo 2.13, such as improvements for Groups, scroll-over actions for Wires, and the capacity to pin, observe and arrange nodes and graphs. 

The latest Dynamo release is fantastic. New improvements have been made to the user interface that feels smooth and new. 

  • Filter Schedules By Sheet

Filter Schedules By Sheet

Except for keynotes, you cannot filter a schedule in Revit 2022 to only show elements that appear on the sheet they are placed on. 

You can now check the “Filter by Sheet” box at the bottom of a schedule’s filter menu in Revit 2023. 

For example, if views on a sheet only display doors from a specific level, the schedule will only display those doors. The filter has no effect on the “main” schedule in the project browser. This feature could help you reduce the number of duplicated schedules in your projects. 

  • Measure in 3D Views

Measure in 3D Views

The measure tool feature was not available in 3D views in Revit 2022. You can only use dimensions, so you must first create a work plane. This method is inconvenient for quick measurements. 

The measure tool is now available in 3D in Revit 2023. You can use the tool without first establishing work plans. It functions similarly to SketchUp. You can even chain-measure across multiple 3D planes. 

  • Duplicating a Material & its Shared Assets

Duplicating a Material & its Shared Assets

With the new “Duplicate Material and Assets” option, you can duplicate a material. If you’re uncertain, always go with this choice. Duplicate from 2022 provides the same results as the alternative, “Duplicate Using Shared Assets.” 

  • Cloud Paths to support Material Textures and Decals

Duplicating a Material & its Shared Assets

All images used for materials textures and decals in Revit 2022 must be local. This results in numerous broken link issues. 

In Revit 2023, you can now use cloud pathways, which should cut down on the number of photos with broken links and make working remotely easier. Images stored in BIM 360 files will also function. 

  • Activate Controls & Dimensions

Activate Controls & Dimensions

When you select certain Revit elements in 2022, control icons like pins are displayed. Take curtain walls with restricted dimensions as an example. The issue is that choosing too many pieces will result in a large number of icons, which is irritating and slows down speed. 

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Under Revit 2023, the “Activate Control” tool is located in the edit tab. All the obnoxious icons and automated dimensions will be gone if you leave it off. You can only see the automatic dimensions if you choose just one element. 

When you choose a lot of items, performance changes significantly. 

  • Event Mapping for IFC Exports 

Event Mapping for IFC Exports

You can select whether you wish to export each element individually, by type, or not at all using the Export to IFC parameter. 

Exporting to IFC You can assign an IFC category to an element using as. 

Additionally, you can set an IFC Predefined Type and personalize the IfcGUID.  

For those who work with IFC files frequently, this upgrade is fantastic. 

  • Swap Views on Sheets

Swap Views on Sheets

To “swap” a view on a sheet in Revit 2022, you must first delete the current view from the sheet and then insert the desired view. 

In Revit 2023, the “Swap View” feature is made available when a view is selected on a sheet. You have the option of changing the currently chosen view. 

However, this feature has a restriction that prevents you from replacing the current view with another view that is currently on a sheet; otherwise, you’ll get the warning below.  

The best method for organizing sheets is still using plugins and Dynamo scripts. 

  • Filter Walls by Base Constraint and Other Parameters

Filter Walls by Base Constraint

With Revit, 2023 walls can now be filtered based on: 

  1. Base Constraints 
  2. Top Constraints  
  3. Base Offset 
  4. Top Offset variables
  • Conditional Formatting by Family and Type

Conditional Formatting by Family and Type

The “Family and Type” parameters in schedules can now be used with conditional formatting. For instance, depending on which family a cell belongs to, you may change its color. 

The 2023 update’s primary objective is to resolve problems in the existing tools.  

Advanced users and BIM managers stand to gain the most from this. Beyond the logo, novices probably won’t notice much of a difference. Even though the updates individually don’t offer much inspiration, they make for a competently useful upgrade. 

Revit 2023 strikes a balance between minor modifications and significant new additions. 

The new Revit truly Revs, with diverse speed upgrades designed to facilitate faster processing, especially when subjected to large and complex models.

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