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Bentley Entices Students with a First-ever Digital Twin Design Challenge on Minecraft

Bentley Entices Students with a First-ever Digital Twin Design Challenge on Minecraft

Bentley System invited students to use the popular game Minecraft to recreate a real-world setting, and they produced some incredible masterpieces. 

Digital twins are virtual illustrations of the real world that integrate and show data in order to improve decision-making, enable efficient planning, and facilitate successful action. 

Future engineers will soon have access to the sophisticated digital twin technology, and this competition provided an opportunity to put it to good use. 

The Digital Twin Design Challenge! – Build a Minecraft Structure for the Real World 

Video Source: Bentley Education

Bentley Systems competition devised an innovative approach for students to become familiar with this cutting-edge technology. Digital twin technology has developed into a potent tool for both present and future engineers. More specifically, we wished for students to discover the fun that can be had when combining and visualizing various digital model kinds. 

The winners of the Digital Twin Design Challenge sponsored by Bentley Education have been announced by infrastructure engineering software provider Bentley Systems. The competition provided an opportunity for students between the ages of 12 and 25 to use their imagination and creativity to examine infrastructure digital twins and reimagine a real-world structure created using Bentley’s iTwin technology and the well-known video game Minecraft. 

The competition challenged students, ages 12 to 25, to use Bentley’s iTwin technology and the well-known videogame Minecraft to recreate a real-world site. Students were specifically instructed to: 

  • Pick a genuine location. 
  • Using Minecraft, create a 3D structure for the site.  
  • Using Bentley’s iTwin technology, place the structure in the real-world setting. 

Betley said, “We are blown away by the creations that the kids have produced, and we anticipate that you will be as well.” 


  • A prize of USD 5,000 will be given to the Judges’ Choice Winner. One thousand dollars will go to the first runner-up. 
  • The winner of the popular vote will earn US$2,000 in prize money. One thousand dollars will go to the first runner-up. 
  • Each of the Top 20 Finalists will get USD 500. 

Bentley Digital Twin Design Challenge! – Winners 

  • Judges’ Choice Winner: Jakub Stacho, Canada 

Judges’ Choice Winner: Jakub Stacho | Simon Fraser University, Canada

Project – The Pebble: A Three-Tower Apartment Complex with Zero Emissions. The proposed design is a brand-new addition to Sydney’s downtown, pushing the limits of contemporary architecture and offering inhabitants plenty of green space and stunning views. 

  • Judges’ Choice First Runner-up: Adrià Portero Martínez, Spain 

Judges’ Choice First Runner-up: Adrià Portero Martínez | Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

Project – Coast of Auckland: New Horizon – The suggested structure for the coast emphasizes elements that provide both sustainable expansion and a sound ecosystem. 

  • Popular Vote Winner: Juan Andrés Borrero Valencia, Colombia 

Popular Vote Winner: Juan Andrés Borrero Valencia | Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia

Project – Hotel Alcatraz – The idea of Alcatraz as an island that has served as a fort, a prison, and is now a museum and tourist destination is meant to be revived and reimagined by the suggested design. 

  • Popular Vote: First Runner-up: Felipe Mendonça Chiocchetti, Brazil 

Popular Vote: First Runner-up: Felipe Mendonça Chiocchetti | Escola Politénica da Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Project – Sydney Hospital – The suggested design would create a sizable hospital with a wide variety of medical staff and equipment for Sydney, Australia’s North Sydney, and Neutral Bay neighborhood. 

“We wanted to give students a first-hand experience researching digital twin technology, and let them have some fun with Minecraft,” said Katriona Lord-Levins, chief success officer at Bentley Systems. We were astounded by the students’ projects’ brilliance as well as how incredibly attentive and thorough they were. Some of the initiatives dealt with issues and difficulties that would affect infrastructure in the future. We have a lot of faith that the future of infrastructure is in good hands because of the skill demonstrated. Younger generations are already considering the difficulties we will have to overcome in order to make the world a better place. 

Combining the Digital Twin experience with a popular game like MineCraft proved as a creative way to capture the attention of young students. The results speak for themselves. Bentley Systems has been successful in creating curiosity about the digital twin app and attracted a lot of young aspiring students to the Digital Twin technology. 

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