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Bentley Systems Boost its SYNCHRO Construction Management Solution


With improvements to SYNCHRO 4D and the addition of the SYNCHRO Cost and SYNCHRO Perform applications, Bentley Systems, Inc. initiated improvements to its construction management solution. 

The latest developments and expanded portfolios enable construction companies to revamp the way they plan, operate, and carry out their projects. 

Synchro 4D now features advanced 4D/5D model authoring with cutting-edge model-splitting tools. 

Let’s Explore More. 

Construction Management Solution with Digitized Workflows 

Construction companies are attempting to win more work, manage risk, and deliver profitability while striving to complete more complex projects, resolve resource shortages, and supply chain disruptions, and manage data transparency issues. The way projects are planned and delivered will change as a result of SYNCHRO’s advancements in leveraging 4D/5D models with web access for team collaboration, performance management for progress tracking and reporting, and cost management to minimize risk and maximize profits.  

These challenges can only be addressed through digitized workflows. 

Modern construction companies are now focused on constructing and optimizing schedules with 4D models. Maximizing resource utilization, reducing rework, and securing safety have become crucial to the planning process in the modern AEC industry.  

Enhanced collaboration enables project stakeholders to access and benefit from the 4D model thanks to SYNCHRO 4D’s improvements. With the help of real-time collaboration and model-based field data collection, the new capabilities enhance communication and coordination of optimized plans and keep projects on schedule. 

SYNCHRO Construction Management Solution  

SYNCHRO’S digital solutions improve the visibility, predictability, and productivity of construction projects so you can deliver successful projects, throughout the design, pre-bid, execution, and handover. SYNCHRO enables your team to plan and manage resources, materials, and equipment more easily and affordably when all your infrastructure construction management is centralized. 

The SYNCHRO Construction Management Software comes with the following capabilities: 

  • SYNCHRO Field – SYNCHRO Field enables you to access and capture data from the field. 
  • SYNCHRO Control – SYNCHRO Control makes it easier to manage construction documents and tasks. 
  • SYNCHRO Perform – SYNCHRO Perform allows you to manage the performance, progress, and resources of construction projects. 
  • SYNCHRO Cost – SYNCHRO Cost aids you in managing construction contracts, budgets, and change orders. 
  • SYNCHRO 4D – SYNCHRO 4D is all-in-one software to manage your construction projects. 

SYNCHRO Construction Management Solution – New Capabilities 

  • SYNCHRO 4D – SYNCHRO 4D now features advanced 4D/5D model authoring with cutting-edge model-splitting tools for mixed reality modeling, assignment of construction attributes to the model construction geometry placement, creating constructible components, and web and mobile access to improve team collaboration, status updates, and progress reporting from the field. 
  • SYNCHRO Cost – With support for multi-contract capture, payment application tracking, and change order management, the addition of SYNCHRO Cost helps project teams control budgets and track financial progress throughout the contract, minimizing financial risk and maximizing project profits. 
  • SYNCHRO Perform – SYNCHRO Perform enables construction performance management by capturing daily progress quantities, diaries, unplanned events, timesheets, tickets, and estimated field costs to provide the shortest cycle time for project feedback and productivity insights. 

SYNCHRO Cost integrates with SYNCHRO 4D’s model-based quantity take-off, which includes model splitting to generate constructible components complete with work breakdown structure and cost codes, allowing estimators to generate estimates quickly and accurately. SYNCHRO Cost can also control contract changes and simplify payment applications by tracking line items and percentages complete against a value schedule. 

SYNCHRO Cost also makes use of the performance data in SYNCHRO Perform so that project teams can manage and make use of field performance data to get an accurate picture of the costs incurred in the field and compare them to the budgeted costs and schedule, providing a comprehensive picture of the project’s performance. These digital workflows improve the flow of real-time information between the office and the job site. Contract disputes can be avoided by adding supporting documents and photos to contracts and change orders. 

SYNCHRO Perform bridges the time between end-of-month financial reporting cycles by providing daily, clear line-of-sight into the management of all site resources, including personnel, contractors, and equipment.  

Additionally, SYNCHRO Perform offers a timely source of truth for all performance management data and metrics, putting project leadership at a disadvantage when it comes to decision-making due to delays in progress capture and data entry errors, so that they are aware of the status of every project. Construction-specific features gather data from field workers on daily progress amounts, diaries, unforeseen events, timesheets, tickets, and estimated costs, giving management the current information, they need to make wise decisions. 

SYNCHRO empowers companies going digital with real-time insight into the performance, productivity, and financial health of their projects so they can make more educated, data-driven decisions. It supports the entire heavy civil construction project life – cycle. Simple mobile and web interfaces for office-to-field workflows help project teams stay in touch and foster collaboration. 

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