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Better BIM with Solibri Inside – Enhance Coordination and Quality Assurance for Your BIM Models


Solibri Inside promises to enhance your quality control to the next level ensuring seamless data transfer from design to build. 

Solibri Inside enables automated rule-based BIM quality checking for designers as they model. Users of Graphisoft Archicad, Allplan, and Vectorworks have access to in-design and model checking. The integrated SaaS solution, Solibri Inside within Nemetschek authoring tools is empowering designers to build better BIM models. 

Solibri Inside promises constructing seamless structures is now simpler than ever, Let’s Explore. 

Solibri Inside – The Future of Building Better BIM 

Solibri Inside, a tool made specifically for designers, operates as a native feature that can be used within the authoring tool and can perform checks in a SaaS-based environment whenever the designer desires. To perform simple model checking, the designer is no longer required to export the model and launch another program.  

This creative solution is pre-installed in Nemetschek authoring tools and is accessible from a straightforward palette-like functionality in the authoring tool’s user interface. With the help of Solibri Inside, each model can be checked in advance before being shared with other team members. Before submitting the BIM to the coordination workflow, the designer can save time by using integrated quality checking to make sure the details are accurate. 

Solibri’s highly advanced model checking is based on both pre-defined and customizable rules to offer you the most flexible tools, whether that be for ready-made common checks like basic clash checking or specific needs such as checking against BIM requirements, national regulations, and building codes. Working with rulesets opens endless possibilities to simplify and automate the design coordination and checking process, and to ensure the availability of the correct information also on-site, leaving you with smoother projects, time and cost savings, and quality models that live on to support building management also after the construction phase. 

Solibri Inside- Better BIM Coordination  

  • Identify issues Early – Integrate models from various disciplines and perform extremely complex checks on the federated model against BIM requirements and regulations, which goes far beyond simple clash detection. 
  • Coordination and Communication – Consistent and validated data should be made available to all project participants, both in the office and on the job. Data can be easily assigned, visualized, mapped, and reported. 
  • Simplify and Automate Processes – Flexible, rule-based model checking will enable you to implement cutting-edge quality control in your BIM processes while supporting your entire end-to-end workflow and the strictest QA/QC requirements. 

Ville Kyytsönen, Solibri CEO, stated, “Today sees another step towards ‘better BIM’. Solibri’s mission is to improve the quality of digital construction. BIM is essential in this mission – it is the ‘single source of truth’. Today, more models are created than ever, yet many lack the essentials of a good BIM: the information. This missing information makes Quality Assurance impossible to deliver. Solibri is improving the quality of models by bringing quality checking as part of the model authoring process. With Solibri Inside, we improve the process by enabling more QA early in the process before coordination takes place.” 

Yves Padrines, CEO of Nemetschek Group “Shaping the world starts with integrated solutions based on open BIM standards that lead the industry – one of our key strengths. We are delivering inbuilt checking within all three of our authoring solutions. This is the quality assurance that starts at the source of every construction project – in the design phase. We are driving digitalization in the industry by offering seamless, high-quality information to pass along the entire construction process in a uniform and efficient manner”. 

Viktor Varkonyi, Chief Division Officer for the Planning & Design Division, and member of the Executive Board at the Nemetschek Group, “Solibri’s solution offering in BIM quality assurance has always been pivotal in developing and promoting OPEN BIM. Today we see Solibri’s core value being offered, at source, to a large group of our customers. The idea that a designer can focus on their core work, and yet trust that their work is both buildable and ready for sharing is something that drives this industry in the right direction. Again, we see Nemetschek Group driving positive industry change.” 

GO BIG with BIM – CAD Outsourcing and BIM Collaboration Services

Solibri Inside’s initial release allows users to check door and window clearances as well as the supporting level of information (LOI). Within Graphisoft’s Archicad, Allplan, and Vectorworks software, the service is a standard, free package. More features can be accessed by registering, and the Premium paid package enables rule checks to be tailored to a designer’s particular project needs, ensuring that everyone on the team is working to the same standards. In close collaboration with the users, the solution will continue to develop, further automating the QA process. 

About Solibri 

Solibri is among the pioneers in BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control, offering pre-built tools for BIM validation, compliance control, design process coordination, design review, analysis, and code checking. 

 The corporate message of Solibri is to create and market quality assurance solutions that raise the caliber of BIM-based design and increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the entire design and construction process. Major building owners, building contractors, architects, and engineering firms are just a few of the more than 70 nations that Solibri serves as clients. The Nemetschek Group includes Solibri. 

About Nemetschek Group 

The Nemetschek Group is a leader in the AEC/O and media & entertainment industries when it comes to digital transformation. It covers the entire lifecycle of construction and infrastructure projects with its intelligent software solutions, leads its clients into the future of digitalization, and empowers them to change the world.  

The Nemetschek Group, one of the top corporate groups in this industry globally, enhances digital workflows for all parties involved while raising the quality of the construction process. Buildings can be designed, constructed, and managed by customers in a more resource- and energy-efficient manner. The use of open standards is the main concern (OPEN BIM). Digital solutions for animation, 3D modeling, and visualization are also included in the portfolio. 

Approximately 6.5 million users worldwide use cutting-edge products from the brands ALLPLAN, Bluebeam, Crem Solutions, dRofus, FRILO, Graphisoft, Maxon, Nevaris, RISA, SCIA, Solibri, Spacewell, and Vectorworks in the four customer-oriented segments. The Nemetschek Group, which was established in 1963 by Prof. Georg Nemetschek, now has about 3,400 experts working for it globally. 

In order to further automate the QA process, Solibri claims that the solution will continue to develop in close collaboration with the users. 

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About Indovance 

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