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BIM: A Game-Changer in Civil Engineering and Construction Industry

Today, BIM is everywhere in the construction and infrastructure industry. There has been rapid adoption of BIM technology worldwide across the AEC industry. BIM is the buzzword today as more and more engineering professionals are discovering and understanding the game-changing benefits that the technology has to offer.

Don’t worry if you know only a little about BIM (Building Information Modeling), this article will tell you about BIM in a nutshell. And yes, you would also discover the potential that BIM offers to the AEC engineering industry.

People consider BIM as software, well, this is partially correct, but that doesn’t give a picture in totality. BIM creates virtual models of any project that can help to speed up the construction work, and how exactly does the construction take place? Look at the pie chart that will help you understand better:

BIM creates virtual models of any project that can help to speed up the construction work

So, these are the most common benefits that BIM offers. There will be many other benefits that will fall under the umbrella of these benefits. Wondering about the final outcome? The final outcome is these amazing buildings in an incredibly low time. BIM gives more control right from the inception stage and thus, the quality issues are unbelievably low.

Building Information Modeling in a Nutshell

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is computer software that provides case studies, design services, and other information about existing buildings and infrastructures that have been built in the past. The software also provides insight that helps architects and engineers plan, design, construct, and manage projects of various types. BIM is a beneficial tool for all types of architects and engineers, as well.

A Building Information Model characterizes the geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities and properties of building elements, cost estimates, material inventories, and project schedule. Therefore, Building Information Modelling BIM provides all information associated with the building or facility, including its physical/functional characteristics and project life cycle information, in a series of “Smart objects”.

BIM Modeling Services For Civil Engineering

Using BIM to help civil engineers with road designs will also help identify issues easily and quickly. Design changes with highway plans can be synchronized easily, as well. The finalized 3D model can be presented to contractors to use in the construction of roads with little to no issue.

Civil engineers that use BIM also have the ability to generate future surface earthwork volumes, drafted cross-sections, material totals, and more.

Even more, civil engineers also have the ability to use BIM modeling services to help make design deliverables. This comes right from the information model itself. Then, the information can be leveraged for capacity take-off, as-built evaluations, construction sequencing, and operation and conservation to accomplish ideal roadway designs.

By accepting and using this sort of modeling, municipalities, federal governments, and state government agencies are able to better plan, design, build, and manage transportation projects. BIM offers a way to do all these things in a quick, keen, and more economical manner.

The 3D BIM Models of the buildings are made digitally. These models are given interesting textures, colors, and artistic effects that are prerequisites to every project. BIM just enables to build of the structure virtually. This virtual model is the representation of your actual building to be constructed. Other elements like windows, walls, stairs, etc. can be added. In a way, you are just prototyping. Engineers just love this because BIM has made the process very smooth.

Engineers do acknowledge the fact that simulations are necessary for this field. Various forces do act on the structure, so the effects of these forces have to be taken care of well in advance. BIM does that like a cakewalk. And changes can be made easily. If you make a change in the model, other relevant entities like elevations, floor plans, etc. will reflect the change. So, the change management is taken care of!

BIM has an information model, that will tell you about various standard practices, and therefore, compliance is just made easy. One must acknowledge that the conservation of the environment has become a priority. And BIM is a technology that can reduce the impact of the infrastructure on the environment. So, designs with better sustainability can very well be implemented in the structures with the help of BIM.

So far, so good. But, what about designs? Does BIM help with designs? Yes, it does. BIM can help you in creating visualizations that are very realistic, and you can just accommodate various designs virtually. Does this help you? Well, it should be because you will have better chances of convincing your clients with impactful presentations. Now, it does help, doesn’t it?

BIM can aid you with cool presentations that can sway your stakeholders positively. BIM can let you have better control over the information. And information is a weapon in today’s era. And data management in BIM has so many fields like cost control, manpower management, building life-cycle, etc. that are very supportive for various tasks.

So, with all that said, do you want to implement BIM and move light-years ahead of others? Indovance can help you as an outsourcing partner for BIM. Indovance offers BIM services that can help you better with planning and controlling the project. You will naturally save costs and time.

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