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Boost Your Productivity with SOLIDWORKS 2023


When it comes to performance, collaboration, and customization, SOLIDWORKS users demand the best from their software.  

SOLIDWORKS 2023 has significantly enhanced user experience (UX). 

SOLIDWORKS 2023 includes new, user-driven features focused on: speeding up and simplifying your product development process from concept to manufactured goods. 

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2023?

The most important updates for SOLIDWORKS 2023 improve current products and introduce creative new capabilities. 

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Solidworks 2023 – Updates and Enhancements  

Components and Features  

  • Coordinate Systems 
  • Dimension Support for the Move/Copy Body Command 
  • Single-Line Fonts for Wrap Features 

Sheet Metal 

  • Sensors 

Structure System and Weldments 

  • Corner Treatment to Similar Corners in Structure Systems 
  • Configuration-Specific Size of Weldment Members 


  • Automatically Optimize Resolved Mode 
  • Repairing a Missing Mate Reference 
  • Additional End Conditions for Cut Features 

Detailing and Drawings 

  • Overrides for Bills of Materials 
  • Filters for Bill of Materials 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 

  • Autoballoons for PDF Files 
  • Balloon Sequence 
  • Balloon Drawing Sheets Separately 
  • Export Sheets as Separate 2D PDF Files 
  • Export FAI Reports to Separate Microsoft® Excel® Documents 
  • User Interface Redesign 


  • Limiting Geometric Tolerances to a Standard 
  • Dimension Extension Lines 

SOLIDWORKS 2023 – Boosted Performance 

SOLIDWORKS 2023 enhances the capabilities of specific tools and workflows. 

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals 

  • To improve performance when manipulating views, use the Level of detail system option. 
  • Click Tools > Options > System Options > Performance to access this option. 
  • Zoom In/Out, Pan, and Rotate performance has been improved in draft quality HLR/HLV and wireframe modes of models. 


  • Enhanced performance when the Include sub-folders option is selected. 
  • To prevent saving model data that hasn’t changed, assemblies’ save efficiency has been boosted. This performance improvement is most noticeable in very large assemblies. 


  • SOLIDWORKS PDM 2023 makes significant performance improvements in the presence of high latency to SOLIDWORKS PDM servers. 
  • With the File Version Upgrade tool’s performance improvements, you may upgrade SOLIDWORKS files in a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault more quickly. 
  • The software skips updating and uploading references that are not the most recent in the assembly’s as-built version if you upgrade assembly files and choose Overwrite and Latest Version in the Version Settings tab. The performance of the upgrade procedure is enhanced as a result.  

Boost Your Productivity with SOLIDWORKS 2023

SOLIDWORKS 2023 streamlines your product development process, allowing you to finish more work in less time, freely iterate and improve designs, and provide high-performing, high-quality designs that have been meticulously polished. 

  • Smart Work – Organize your work more efficiently when handling complex electrical routing scenarios and developing huge assemblies and details drawings. 
  • Fast Work – Improve the performance of searching and saving assemblies, work with bills of materials (BOMs) more effectively, and design huge assemblies more quickly. 
  • Work Together – With a simplified user interface, decreased latency, and enhanced upgrade performance in SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can help teams communicate and manage data more effectively. Customizing PDM notification templates enables improved communication of design data updates. 

Enhance Your CAD Skills with SOLIDWORKS 2023.

Enhance Your CAD Skills with SOLIDWORKS 2023 – Shaping Design with 3D Sculptor on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Follow INDOVANCE Inc for AEC Industry Updates, CAD Tips, and Global Construction News.  

Indovance Inc  with its exclusive delivery hub in India is a global CAD outsourcing partner serving the needs of the AEC industry since 2003. At INDOVANCE we focus on the unique need of each project or client and believe in addressing the real challenges and guarantee that the process will be well-coordinated, smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.  

We collaborate with our customers around the world to develop bespoke business solutions using our enormous engineering talent pool and state-of-the-art technology. To deliver long-term engineering and business strategies, we align with your culture and processes to create an unbreakable partnership. With over 550 full-time employees and more than 600 customers in the US, Europe, India, and Asia, we are poised for the next level of success.  

Indovance Inc has been providing all sorts of design, drafting, modeling, and analysis services to its clients for almost two decades. Our SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design solutions offer easy extremely strong capabilities, reducing time for design development, cost reduction, and quality improvement. 


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