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Design on the Go – SketchUp for iPad

Trimble has announced the beta release of SketchUp for iPad, a new product that allows interior designers, architects, engineers, and construction professionals to create, edit, and collaborate on SketchUp models from any location, at any time.

Architects and designers can use SketchUp for iPad (Beta) to create 3D models using an iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, mouse, keyboard, or multitouch gestures instead of paper and pencil. The app uses 5G connectivity and has robust native integration with the Trimble ConnectTM collaboration platform, which is a cloud-based solution that allows for real-time file updates. Users can move seamlessly between SketchUp for iPad, Web, and Desktop, allowing project stakeholders to collaborate effectively.

“With the features, we’ve developed specifically for Apple Pencil, we’re able to digitally emulate the paper and pencil sketching paradigm and provide a unique and compelling 3D modeling experience on iPad devices,” said Christopher Cronin, vice president, and general manager at Trimble SketchUp. “The ability to create new designs and conceptual ideas whenever inspiration strikes and review and update SketchUp models on the go, whether on the Jobsite, in a coffee shop, or while meeting with clients, is something our professional users are requesting. We’re excited to deliver a solution that fits how SketchUp users want to work today and into the future.”

SketchUp for iPad adds a new set of innovative features to SketchUp’s suite of products. Autoshape, Markup Mode, AR model viewing, and dozens of other user interface and workflow enhancements are all designed to take advantage of the iPad’s unique capabilities and the accessories that go with them.

As iPads become more powerful, architects and designers will have more opportunities to use touch screen devices. But can SketchUp be used on an iPad, and if so, is it worth a shot?

What Is SketchUp and How Does It Work?

Architects and interior designers primarily use SketchUp as a 3D modeling program. It is frequently regarded as one of the easiest 3D modeling software to learn and operate.

SketchUp is a sketch-based software that is primarily used for concept design, as the name implies. Some people use SketchUp for more detailed design, but it lacks some of the features found in other architecture software like Revit or Vectorworks.

SketchUp has a free version that you can use in your web browser. SketchUp Shop and SketchUp Pro, which come with a plethora of extra features, are available for more advanced users.

About Trimble Inc.

Trimble creates technology, software, and services for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry that help to drive the digital transformation of construction. Trimble’s innovative approach improves coordination and collaboration between stakeholders, teams, phases, and processes by empowering teams across the construction lifecycle. With best-in-class solutions and a common data environment, Trimble’s Connected Construction strategy gives users control over their operations. Trimble helps construction professionals improve productivity, quality, transparency, safety, and sustainability while delivering each project with confidence by automating work and transforming workflows.

Top Benefits of SketchUp for iPad

Benefits of SketchUp for iPad

  • Design when Inspiration strikes – Brilliant ideas don’t always strike when it’s convenient, but a mobile 3D drawing space allows you to work from anywhere.
  • 3D Sketching made Simple – You can easily draw, swipe, and click to give shape to your creative vision with support for Apple Pencil, multi-touch gestures, and, of course, mouse and keyboard.
  • Mark Up & Move Forward – To keep stakeholders aligned while on the go, quickly redline 3D models, make field edits on the fly, and sync all of your changes to the cloud.
  • Give Wings to your Imagination – For designers who have always wanted to create in 3D, SketchUp for iPad is the most accessible bridge. With the ease of drawing by hand, you can mark up designs, reimagine ideas, present the final concept, or start a project from scratch. Take your design process to the next level by incorporating new, exciting – and mobile – elements.
  • Always in Touch – You can move seamlessly between SketchUp for iPad, SketchUp for Web, and SketchUp Pro desktop design apps thanks to a robust integration with our cloud-based collaboration platform, Trimble Connect. Take your work with you wherever you go, whether you’re connected to the internet or working offline.
  • Take your Models on a Ride – SketchUp for iPad will accompany you wherever your projects lead. Directly on iPad, quickly draw and iterate in 3D, easily review, and collaborate, and keep the project moving forward.

SketchUp for iPad Features to Fall For

  • Just Draw Mode – Create in 3D with your Apple Pencil, just like you would with a pen and paper.
  • Autoshape – Draw something with an Apple Pencil (or your fingers!) and see it come to life in three dimensions.
  • Markup Mode – Add different styles, colors, and strokes to your drawings and annotations in 3D. 
  • Photo Texture – Using the camera on your iPad, import imagery and add real-world photo textures. 
  • AR Viewing – Use AR mode to place your 3D model in the real world and see your designs from a whole new perspective. 
  • 3D Warehouse – Download foliage, fixtures, appliances, and furniture from a library of over four million pre-built models to speed up your design workflow.
  • Live Components – Pull parametrically configurable models from 3D Warehouse to quickly prototype in 3D.

It is possible to do basic modeling on a touch screen, but it is more difficult and inaccurate than with a mouse and keyboard. When using SketchUp, users who have connected a mouse and keyboard to their iPad frequently report glitches.

The inability to zoom using the scroll wheel, problems orbiting, and problems locating the cursor are the most common problems users encounter when using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

It’s extremely difficult to be precise when using the touch screen. It’s extremely inconvenient, especially if you’re used to working with SketchUp on a desktop computer.

However, many users praise SketchUp for iPad for the Flexibility it provides them. Now, the ball lies in the court of end-users who can choose this product as per their requirements.

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