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Design optimization & analysis of Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are widely functional in various industry such as Manufacturing, Aerospace Techniques, Chemical, Nuclear and Power Engineering, Oil and Gas, Oil Refining Industries etc. Pressure Vessels are used to store liquids and gases under high pressures. The pressure applied can be internal or external, regardless of their shape and dimensions.

There are 3 most common types of Pressure Vessels

Storage Containers – Which are used for storing fluids under pressure

Process Vessels – These are the most basic types of pressure vessels, which is used for storage and functioning as well. These include heat exchangers, reactors, fractionating towers, distillation towers, etc.

Heat ExchangerThese vessels are normally used in an industry where some substances required to be heat-up to normalize before releasing in environment.

The biggest challenge industries face today for drafting and modeling these Pressure Vessels, is the turnaround time. Pressure Vessel industries are highly competitive, and they require instant and absolute precision in work. Other major issue is the medium of communication. The graphical representation of every detail drawing needs to be accurate with industry standards.

Let’s discuss more about the technicalities and the types of Pressure Vessels in detail –

The Storage Containers as the name suggest, these vessels are used for storing liquids and gases. These are special tanks made with utmost precision to hold hazardous gases. These tanks need to be strong and leak proof to ensure its sustainability.

Here are the design aspects considered while designing storage container designed at Indovance for one of its clients.

  • The internal and external material finish used was HRAP (Hot Rolled Annealed and Pickled) which is done through a steel mill process.
  • The weld finish for the internal and the external surface is done with the wire brushed.
  • A dimple jacket was designed for the non-thermal and thermal shock loading.
  • The volume of the vessels is as huge as 50,726 gallons.
  • The operating temperature is 200-degree Fahrenheit and the design temperature is 300- degree Fahrenheit.

In another project case, Indovance designed a Process Vessel which could also be used as a Heat Exchanger for one of the major Manufacturing Business houses.

The design specification was as follow –

  • Though the pressure vessel was made of carbon steel and stainless-steel, proper passivation was required to be done to provide further losses in future.
  • All the lifting and support lug was designed according to the DPT by laws.
  • Different nozzles come with different specification, having different uses and services, such as –
    • Agitator nozzle is used for mixing the substances in the pressure vessels.
    • Manway nozzle is used for the entry and exit of a person.
  • There is a spare nozzle provided at the top and the bottom for emergency purpose.
  • There are overall 4 baffles placed at regular intervals for the support of bundled – tube.
  • 4 support lugs are provided at an angle of 90-degrees to each other.
  • Half tube gaskets are provided with graphite wires for heat flow.

Moreover, there are many minute details that goes into the designing, drafting and modeling of the Pressure Vessels. These details may vary according to the clients brief and the designing needs. Following are some of the design considerations that were followed-

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to hydrogen attack
  • Fracture toughness
  • Fabricability
  • Gasket detail and material needed

Indovance Expertise –

Our experience of designing and modeling the Pressure Vessels goes back to the Inception of Indovance in 2003. With highly skilled talent pool and subject matter experts with wide range of Project Management skills, we have always been the first choice of many Fortune500 Engineering Companies for their design and drafting requirements. We also offer Drafting and Modelling services in Mechanical, Civil, Architecture and Graphics industries. For more information on any of our domains call us on +1-919-238-4044 or you can also mail us at [email protected]

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