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The Elements of Mechanical Design Services

mechanical design servicesMechanical design is a branch of engineering design that is one of the most important in the overall field. The whole process of designing, from beginning to end is a simple way to describe this type of design, also known as machine design.

In essence, it’s the process of converting resources and energy into a mechanical form to help obtain useful information from machines. According to brighthubengineering.com, “Machine design can lead to the formation of the entirely new machine or it can lead to up-gradation or improvement of the existing machine. For instance if the existing gearbox of a machine is too heavy or cannot sustain the actual loads, an entirely new gearbox can be designed. But if the same gearbox has the potential to lift more loads, it can be upgraded by making certain important changes in its design.” Mechanical design is responsible for the following:

  • Proper material and shape selection
  • Dimensional calculations based on loads and strength of materials used for machines
  • Selecting the proper manufacturing process for the overall design component of a machine

Elements of mechanical design include:

  • mathematics
  • kinematics
  • statics
  • dynamics
  • mechanics of materials
  • engineering materials
  • mechanical technology of metals
  • engineering drawing

It also involves the application of the following, as well:

  • thermodynamics
  • electrical theory
  • hydraulics
  • engines
  • turbines
  • pumps

Mechanical Designers can be responsible for the following duties:

  • Archiving designs
  • Consulting with other engineers
  • Determining materials and specifications for projects
  • Finalizing designs
  • Learning about the needs and requirements for a new product or mechanical system
  • Meeting with project managers, engineers, and clients
  • Reproducing designs
  • Presenting a model to a project engineer
  • Sending prints a production department
  • Testing and modifying models under different temperatures, humidity and other conditions
  • Using CAD software to plan and develop

We hope that this explanation of mechanical design helps you understand all the elements that are included in this field. If you’re interested in learning more about mechanical engineering, be sure to visit our previous blog posts, below:

High Quality Mechanical Design Services

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