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Going Digital with E-books and Reaching a Larger Audience

With the advent of super technology, the world is going at a break-neck speed. And same holds true for the publishing industry as well.  People are reading books, but more people are resorting to e-books. And e-books are being downloaded crazily. It’s like a revolution with the e-books.

It has become very important to formulate a digital strategy. It is very crucial to have an e-book and reach a larger audience because the reach is unbelievable. The e-book market is growing by manifold. You won’t believe, but it’s a three-digit growth in this industry. Most of the e-commerce players like Amazon are already experiencing the shift in the trend. The sale of e-books is growing day by day. Around 30% of sales is for the e-books. And there is a huge chunk of potential in this market.

Therefore, if people are demanding more e-books, shouldn’t you be taking an advantage of the situation? Shouldn’t you be focusing on the growth by leveraging the digital technology? Looking at the potential, you should have already jumped into this by now. You just convert the book into an e-book and reach a wider audience. But wait, this is not that easy. For all of you who have tried converting a print into an e-book, you must have realized how painful it is.


The best way to get an e-book is to ask someone with expertise to do it. Indovance is one such firm with the technical know-how of the publishing industry. With all kinds of formatting and styles, Indovance also does a great job in helping you in converting into an e-book. Indovance helps with all kinds of e-book formatting.

People are more concerned about the environment these days. And e-books can really save a lot of trees. Therefore, people are opting for more e-books. And people can carry/store hundreds of e-books in any one device. This is really amazing. People can read any book at any time, plus, they don’t need to worry about the physical damage that usually happens to the normal books. You can change the font settings, you can share the files, you can print it later on, and I can give you a list of other advantages that comes along with an e-book. But, you do get my drift, don’t you? And for the similar reasons, people are opting for e-books more than ever.

For any writer, it is a dream that his/her work gets read by most of the people. That individual will always want to reach maximum number of people. And the best way to reach a maximum number is to go digital. To realize your dream, Indovance offers the best solution for e-book conversions with multiple-support formats.  Indovance has the expertise that you can utilize to grow by margins.

So, if you are planning to grow by double and triple digits, or want to have an amazing rock-solid start, then partner with Indovance.  Indovance will use the best tools and provide you a tailor-made solution that will help you in realizing your dream.

Ask for a Trial Project, OR Contact our Sales Team at: +1 800 929-8120.

For more information, reach at us: [email protected] or log on to: www.indovance.com

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