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Building the Future with BIM – Graphisoft Establishes a Strategic Multilane Road Map to Enhance Collaboration


Millions of buildings have been designed by Graphisoft customers worldwide over the past 40 years using the company’s robust BIM software, which is built with the single-minded goal of enabling teams to produce outstanding architecture.  

Over the course of the previous year, Graphisoft has worked tirelessly to produce a number of new features and improvements that adhere to that goal. Graphisoft has unveiled its new vision and strategic roadmap at the online launch of its latest solutions and services, including Archicad 26, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad 

Graphisoft Unveils a Strategic Multilane Road Map to Enhance Collaboration 

GRAPHISOFT, the software company also celebrated its 40th anniversary. At Graphisoft Park—the company’s headquarters in Buda—attendees gathered outside with Aperol spritzes before CEO Huw Roberts took the stage. Roberts was joined by founder Gábor Bojár and chairman of the board and former CEO Viktor Várkonyi as images from the company’s 40-year history shuffled on-screen behind them. Before the cake was cut, guests were given a preview of the company’s strategic road map. 

Graphisoft also released updates for additional programs, including improvements for Graphisoft Learn and Graphisoft Community. 

Rather than leave users to wade through YouTube tutorials for their software—as is standard with some platforms—Graphisoft aims to direct users to its in-house training, ensuring a sufficient instruction level. 

Graphisoft has long been one of the biggest names in BIM software designed for architects and others involved in project planning and design stages. Just last month, they celebrated their 40th anniversary of operation in this space, having been founded back in Budapest in 1982 by Gábor Bojár and the late István Gábor Tari.  

In celebrating this milestone anniversary, they not only are taking stock of what they’ve been able to accomplish in these four decades of service, but also continuing to develop impressive new offerings, including the newest version of its flagship Archicad product along with BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad. These tools can help accomplish a lot of different tasks, but when talking about things like BIMx and BIMcloud, one of the most important functions is the improvement of seamless collaboration. 

Collaboration has always been important, but in recent years we are seeing an uptick in buy-in for this concept, as well as additional needs for remote collaboration brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of that, and with the company celebrating this anniversary, we reached out to Graphisoft Product Marketing Manager Carlos Cordeiro, who was kind enough to speak to us about collaboration in general in the AEC industry, and what the company is doing to address these needs. 

Roadmap to Growth 

The roadmap for Graphisoft is divided into several lanes, including those for architecture, multidisciplinary design, design team collaboration, and productive ecosystems, each of which has exciting new features, capabilities, and improvements planned. Design, documentation, visualization, and cooperation are still the major priorities in architecture. Future priority areas and strategic benchmarks include: 

  • Providing tools that enable architects to maintain their attention on their designs while enhancing project efficiency through better information management. 
  • Offering creative new features that manage and traverse a variety of design alternatives, architects can investigate more “what if” scenarios during the design process. 
  • Working on highly drafted details and navigating designs with even greater speed and performance — regardless of project scope or complexity. 
  • Increasing the existing robust information layer in Archicad to better incorporate simulation and analysis into the design process. 

Multi-Disciplinary Design 

A Multidisciplinary design begins with OPEN BIM and advances to Integrated Design. This year, Graphisoft boosted its capabilities by adding the newly merged DDScad capabilities for Building Systems engineering. The following are upcoming focus areas and strategic milestones: 

  • Integrate BIM data systems across disciplines even more. 
  • Integrate data and workflows to expand the geographic reach of DDScad. 
  • Integrate user experiences across multidisciplinary teams through shared capabilities, aligned interfaces, and simplified training and configuration. 
  • DDScad MEP experience is fully integrated, with updated interfaces and many shared capabilities. 
  • Integrate the management of multidisciplinary libraries, shared resources, templates, and standards across the enterprise. 

Design Team Collaboration  

BIMcloud and BIMx serve as the foundation for design team collaboration, while OPEN BIM and BCF and connections to common data environments are used to extend out (CDEs). Users of Archicad already enjoy the unrivaled collaboration between themselves, and OPEN BIM and simple information exchanges allow working with nearly any other program or team as well as with other teams straightforward. Future priority areas and strategic benchmarks include: 

  • Streamlined integration across teams in multiple disciplines, with new capabilities such as dynamic hyper-model publishing, on-demand, cross-team, as a service — and expanded connectivity with other CDEs. 
  • Focus on dynamic team and information management, as well as responsive integration with CDEs. 
  • Support enterprise team management, multi-tiered and nested team structures, and system administration process orchestration. 

Graphisoft Community for Productivity 

With the Graphisoft Forward service and benefits program, access to know-how through Graphisoft Learn, and sharing knowledge and best practices with peer users and experts through Graphisoft Community, Graphisoft’s services and benefits ensure and maximize the productivity of Graphisoft’s users’ ecosystems. The following are upcoming focus areas and strategic milestones: 

  • Simplify design ecosystem administration by improving licensing and entitlement systems, product upgrade workflows, and expanding integration with third-party enhancements that extend Graphisoft’s product capabilities. 
  • Provide customers with an ‘instant’ upgrade experience, including templates, resources, configuration, and data formats. 
  • Provide enterprise management of all aspects of the design ecosystem in accordance with the Design Team Collaboration roadmap. 

With the release of Archicad 26, Graphisoft also indicated that its innovative Adaptive Hybrid Framework technological architecture will enable a quicker and more nimble high-quality delivery of new capabilities, features, products, and services spanning the desktop, cloud services, and mobile devices. 

Graphisoft envisions a world where structures improve people’s lives and where these buildings are developed and constructed by multi-disciplinary digital teams who collaborate efficiently. 

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