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Graphisoft Releases ArchiCad 26 – Manage Less & Design More


“Stay focused, design more.” Graphisoft, a developer of BIM software solutions for architecture, made this claim at the launch of Archicad 26, the most recent version of their main architectural design tool. The announcement was made after Graphisoft celebrated its 40th anniversary in a big way at its Hungarian headquarters, along with enhancements to the rest of the company’s products and services. 

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is being employed by an increasing number of design professionals and is regarded as the most in-demand expertise in the AEC industry. 

BIM has established itself as the future of architecture, thanks to the ongoing addition of new features and intriguing enhancements. The ground-breaking software has been a powerful instrument with a lengthy list of priceless features for decades, including error detection, cost and material waste reduction, risk mitigation, workflow optimization, and, most importantly, enabling seamless, cross-disciplinary collaboration. 

BIM must continuously reinvent itself in a changing world where projects must consider issues like sustainability and are generally more complicated. It must be quick to adopt new technology, boost automation, and encourage improved teamwork. In this approach, it can keep up with modern issues by developing concurrently with the industry and continue to support architects in tackling the difficulties and possibilities they frequently face. 

With all of this in mind, recognized BIM architectural software provider Graphisoft unveiled its most recent products and services, including Archicad 26, as part of their “40 Years of Building Together” celebration. By adding additional functions and upgrades, the company hopes to pave the way for a time when BIM is more advanced and interconnected, enabling architects to concentrate on what they do best: unleashing their creativity to produce beautiful designs.  

Archicad 26 – Stay Focussed & Design More 

Archicad 26 has been updated to help architects and engineers better streamline their work and stay organized through various improvements across the areas of design, documentation, visualization, and collaboration, giving them more time to concentrate on the design process instead of project management duties. Design projects are getting bigger and more complex. 

According to Graphisoft CEO Huw Roberts, the company is focused on offering the functions that enable architects to keep their creative flow to “remain focused, design more.” He and other Graphisoft executives agree that architecture as a profession has changed substantially from a few years ago and that it now involves more than just designing and producing. Sometimes data management overwhelms architects while they are coding, which disrupts their creative flow. When it comes to completing repeated chores, this is especially true. 

Archicad 26- Features & Capabilities 

Video Source: ARCHICAD

  • Design 

Additional features in Archicad 26 are intended to boost productivity and free up more time for design work. This includes faster modeling and documentation of surface openings, improved graphic override options, and more intuitive attribute management through a structured hierarchy that keeps projects organized.  

Archicad 26 also includes faster finding and navigating to specific views and layouts inside the design project using the new Navigator Search. Additionally, using graphical editing techniques, the software enables the creation of parametric object libraries (including doors, windows, etc), (Available for Graphisoft Forward subscribers only). A feature first offered in Archicad 25 and enhanced with extra capabilities for Archicad 26 allows users to quickly and easily design bespoke kitchen cabinets that comply with regional standards and criteria. 

Additionally, the 2D editing feature that aids in maintaining consistency when utilizing the radial stretch command for curved items like circles and ellipses has been enhanced in response to customer demands. 

  • Documentation 

With fewer manual workarounds needed, documentation in Archicad 26 is quicker to produce and more accurate. A new auto text for master layouts minimizes errors by routinely updating the title block content pertaining to documentation.  

Changes to the level dimension tool enable users to take advantage of information already present in the model for a more streamlined documentation process. Users identify and add many rules to combinations at once without needing to scroll. Additionally, managing graphic override combinations is simpler, and importing many PDF pages only requires one click. 

  • Visualization 

With out-of-the-box solutions, visualization advancements in Archicad 26 allow architects to produce high-end, fully textured images quickly and easily for client approvals. Users now have more flexibility over file optimization in the publisher workflow because of the enhanced 3D model export functionality in Archicad 26.  

The improved BIMx Web and Desktop Viewers also provide on-the-fly rendering for more realistic visualization. A completely new supplementary surface catalog with hundreds of surfaces has also been included, along with fresh contemporary textures (for Graphisoft Forward and SSA customers). The rendering engine that comes with Archicad and the new catalog is completely compatible. 

  • Collaboration 

For quicker, more seamless communication between engineers and architects, the latest version of Archicad delivers improved structural analytical model workflows and usability changes. It makes the model’s detailed information more accessible. This includes precise building lifetime analysis and sustainability reports using up-to-date, dependable energy and CO2 building material data.  

Meanwhile, thanks to advances in the SAF translator, one-touch information sharing between Archicad, and structural analysis software keep architects and structural engineers on schedule and in sync. 

The Future is BIM Shaped? 

Architects and engineers are the two core professions in the construction industry, and their skills are completely complementary. In general, architects are in charge of the overall design of buildings, whereas engineers are considered technicians who assist in putting this vision into action. However, the most forward-thinking and fruitful collaborations between the two blur this line significantly. 

Graphisoft has strived to keep up with the latest innovations by enhancing Archicad solutions and services, addressing current challenges, and tackling more complex designs. Moving forward, the next steps appear to be clear, especially as new technologies enter the market and new applications for BIM are discovered.  

BIM with Archicad completely changes the way you collaborate & communicate 

Archicad 26 is now available for download in International, US, UK, and Ireland, German, Austrian, French, and Italian. The remaining versions will be available later this year. Around the world, the company currently supports 29 localized versions. 

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