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How to avoid these 4 mistakes while Outsourcing?

Outsourcing your business processes is not a new strategy in order to enhance your business bottom lines, however, there are certain common mistakes that can cause heavily if neglected while outsourcing. And since it can directly affect your business, it is of utmost importance you select the right partner for your process outsourcing. So, here are some common errors businesses can make 

1.Choosing Freelancers Over Companies

There is nothing called freebies in this world, everything comes at a value. Similarly, in outsourcing, businesses, especially mid-sized, tend to consider the freelancers for their ongoing jobs and one of the major reasons, rather, the only reason is Cheaper cost. Hold on, think of the risks involved here –

Is the person reliable and accountable?

Can he perform variety of work that you might need in the domain?

Is he capable enough to deliver on time?

Does he match your quality standards every single time?

And if you have slightest of concerns on these questions, think of the risk you are taking that can cause to your business.

Against that, think of the company with complete business set up and predefined delivery processes, ensuring responsibility and accountability. You have a specific point of contact and you get a right set of people to deliver your projects on time even if you have a sudden spike in work, with consistency in quality. Which one should you prefer?


While outsourcing your work, timely and precise communication is the key to everything! Agencies could be considerate enough to have transparent communications with you, whenever the need arises. This can bring a lot of control in your hand if you precisely know what to communicate and what are the key deliverable tracking points. You can choose to have your regular meetings on daily, weekly or biweekly basis according to the workload.

3.Lack of Research

As mentioned in our earlier blog posts as well. Research is vital, if you want to bring quality on the table!

Following are the points that can be verified while researching about your outsourcing business

a. Past Record -Research about the past records of your prospective outsourcing partner. Maybe, you can ask for the client references. In the universe of all the prospective vendors narrowing the best and checking their past records is essential to know how much we can trust them; this secures our hand at distinguishing prospective vendors from other ordinary vendors.

b. Timespan in the Industry -Though this does not guaranty the right selection, this can surely help you find out the experienced partner. Check about the vendors portfolio of work, this will tell you about their credibility and work efficiency. The longer the business span, the better it is.

c. Technical Reliability– Access to skilled talent, expertise in different software and domain with updated infrastructure to suit the new age standards of working is one of the ways in analyzing the technical reliability.

4.Geographical Location

When searching for your outsourcing vendor, it is important to understand the location dynamics as well. For example, even if a country like India is preferred to outsource, the cost of living vary city to city. As a business, you may want to opt for cities where the cost of living is moderate, thus lowering your outsourcing business budget. Click here to know the major city’s living standards in India.

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