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Impact of Incorporating BIM Software into Your Practice

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that has taken the AEC industry by storm. BIM software’s being incorporated into workflows globally to create digital representations or digital twins, rich with information on physical assets. 

BIM allows the seamless creation of virtual 3D models, documentation management, enhanced visualization of assets, clash detection, conflict tracking, and more. Basically, BIM is a one-stop solution for firms to track entire construction workflows.  

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is rising as an innovative way to manage projects, BIM expedites collaboration among stakeholders, which will lead to improved profitability, reduced costs, better time management, and improved client relationships. BIM not only allows design and construction teams to work more efficiently, but it allows them to obtain the data they generate during the process to gain from operational and maintenance activities. 

How BIM Software Can Impact a Construction Process 

Incorporating  BIM into operations can be beneficial. When used properly, it enables better planning of the construction process.  

  • Efficient Communication 

Virtual 3D models can be shared easily with stakeholders and with cloud-based tools, parties can easily collaborate with each other on projects. 

  • Better Visualization 

3D models enable better visualization as it contains all the information related to the asset.  

  • Enhanced Scheduling 

The 4D of BIM talks about sequencing and scheduling. It enables firms to develop a clash-free environment by implementing clever scheduling strategies.   

  • Minimizing Risk for Increased Safety 

Construction firms can study 3D virtual models to identify accident-prone areas and other risks beforehand. This will help them implement safety measures early on in the construction process.  

  • Workflow Management and Documentation  

BIM allows the creation, categorization, and storage of various documents related to an asset. These documents can be accessed and edited on-the-fly.  

Popular BIM Software of 2023 

According to a recent survey, the global BIM Software market size was valued at USD 9665.13 million in 2021 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 16.33% during the forecast period, reaching USD 23953.81 million by 2027.

Today, several BIM software’s, developed by technology leaders like Bentley and AutoCAD, are available for purchase. Among them, the most well-known are- 

  • Autodesk Revit 
  • ArchiCAD 
  • Vectorworks Architect 
  • Allplan Architecture 
  • Autodesk Navisworks 
  • Autodesk BIM 360 

Among these, Revit is the most widely used BIM software. It allows users to seamlessly create, edit, and view building models in a 3D space. Moreover, Revit comes with a host of benefits like parametric family creation, enhanced coordination, automation capabilities, enhanced collaboration, 3D realistic rendering, cloud-based capabilities, and more.  

Autodesk Revit 2023 New Features and Benefits

While larger construction firms are able to afford this expensive BIM software, smaller ones aren’t always able to do so. Aside from the actual BIM purchase, there are also costs for training, implementation and then making sure you are able to hire capable employees to use BIM. 

Opting for BIM Software Can be an Expensive Affair 

Incorporating BIM into your practice can be expensive and time-consuming. Is it worth it? Some firms say no, and others say yes. There are several ways to implement the process into your firm, without having to pay full price for it. If you aren’t able to afford the entire process, consider outsourcing it. 

Today, the annual cost of Revit is a little under $2,675 and that of AutoCAD is around $1,865. Also, the learning curve of Revit is steep and training costs are an additional headache. For those that are able to afford it or might be able to get a quick return on their investment, there are several tax incentives, credits, and more. 

Apart from high initial costs and steep learning curve, here are additional problems that one might encounter when incorporating BIM- 

  • Compatibility Issues 

BIM software from different vendors might not be compatible with each other This can hamper collaboration between two parties. 

  • Requires Powerful Hardware 

Being an extensive software, BIM requires powerful and often expensive hardware that is capable of computing large data.  

  • Maintenance Costs 

BIM requires ongoing maintenance and updates to keep up with changes in technology and software updates. These costs can add up over time. 

The overall process of incorporating BIM can be an expensive venture for your firm. It’s important to understand all your options before jumping in and deciding. BIM offers beneficial advantages that can increase profitability in the long run. In the short term though, things will be expensive, and the return might not come as quickly as you hope. 

BIM outsourcing services might be the only way for many firms to incorporate this beneficial process. Would you consider outsourcing? How else would you try to implement BIM into your practice? 

Why Choose Indovance for BIM Modelling Services?  

Indovance Inc  is an experienced and specialized CAD Outsourcing Partner and has been providing engineering CAD design and drafting services to a global clientele for more than two decades.   

Indovance delivers a full range of BIM modeling projects. We work on parametric family creation, model creation for all LOD (Level of Detail), 4D, 5D, and 6D support, and model phasing, as well. We also provide complete support for CAD to BIM, point cloud to BIM, and PDF to BIM conversions.  

We collaborate with our customers around the world to develop bespoke business solutions using our enormous engineering talent pool and state-of-the-art technology. To deliver long-term engineering and business strategies, we align with your culture and processes to create an unbreakable partnership. With over 550 full-time employees and more than 600 customers in the US, Europe, India, and Asia, we are poised for the next level of success.   

Indovance acts as a catalyst, Empowering You for positive change and supporting you to Do More.  

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