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India’s New Magnificent Parliament! – Designed for Ambition


A new parliament building is currently being built in New Delhi as part of India’s Central Vista Redevelopment Project. When finished, it will replace the Parliament House, which is currently home to the Indian Parliament and is situated right across from the construction site of the new structure. 

On December 10, 2020, in New Delhi, the Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, set the cornerstone for the new Indian Parliament Building in a ceremony that was also attended by cabinet ministers and ambassadors from many nations. The Prime Minister also presided over the ground-breaking ceremony for the structure, which is planned to be finished by October 2022 in time to host the Parliament’s winter session. The new Parliament will be 64,500 square meters in size. 

Parliament of India – A Brief History

The strength of the Indian democratic system is evident in its Parliament, which survived the country’s war for independence from colonial authority and was there for many significant historical events. The Indian Constitution was adopted in this structure, which also served as independent India’s first Parliament.  

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to preserve and revitalize the Parliament building’s unique legacy. The Parliament building, located in the center of Central Vista, is a symbol of India’s democratic spirit. The current Parliament House in India was built during the colonial era by British architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker and took six years to complete (1921-1927). The edifice, which used to be known as the Council House, served as the Imperial Legislative Council’s home. 

In 1956, two stories were added to the Parliament building to accommodate the need for more room. The Parliament Museum was added in 2006 to highlight India’s 2,500-year history of democratic traditions. The structure needed to be significantly altered to serve the needs of a modern Parliament. 

For the largest democracy in the world, the Parliament House has functioned as “The Temple of National Discussions.” Since the country’s independence, the two houses of the Parliament have served as its cornerstones, supporting its socio-economic development. 

The New Parliament Building – Design & Features 

New Parliament building- Triangular Shape

  • Design – The ambitious design of the New Parliament building captures the ambitions of 135,000,000 Indians. 
  • Blueprint – Triangular-shaped building to ensure optimum space utilization with a Built-up area of 65000 sq. meters. 
  • An Ensemble – The Old and New Parliament will function in tandem to facilitate smooth and efficient parliamentary operations 
  • An Embodiment of Indian Heritage – The New Parliament would incorporate cultural and local arts and crafts to showcase the dynamism and diversity of contemporary India. 
  • Divyang Friendly – Divyang friendly (easily accessible for people with disabilities to move around freely & independently). 
  • Central Lounge – The central lounge complements the open courtyard with the national tree (Banyan Tree). 
  • Spacious Legislative Chambers – 384 Rajya Sabha seats and 888 Lok Sabha seats, respectively, would be installed in the new complex. The Lok Sabha chamber itself will be able to hold 1272 members in case of a combined session, unlike the current parliament structure, which lacks a central hall. 
  • Lok Sabha – Floor Plan – 3 times bigger Lok Sabha with 888 seats to facilitate ease of sitting. Design inspired by the Peacock (National Bird) Theme. 
  • Rajya Sabha – Seating Space – Based on the Lotus (National Flower) Theme with a seating capacity of 384 seats. 
  • State-of-the-Art Constitutional Hall – Symbolism of Democracy 
  • Ultra-Modern Office Spaces – Secure, efficient, and equipped with the latest technology. 
  • Modern Audio-Visual Systems – Purpose designed large Committee Rooms equipped with Modern Audio-Visual Systems to facilitate efficiency. 
  • Revamped Sansad Bhavan – Designed for employment opportunities and an economic revitalization across the construction value chain. 
  • Top-notch Library – Efficient for information gathering of archived material. 
  • Energy Efficient Parliament – Platinum-Rated Green Building, India’s commitment towards environmental sustainability. 

The New Parliament Building – Project Details 

Energy Efficient Parliament

  • Location – Plot No. 118, Sansad Marg New Delhi, India 
  • Ground-breaking – 1st October 2020 
  • Completion Date – 20th December 2022 (estimated) 
  • Budget₹862 crore INR (US$110 million) 
  • Architect – Bimal Patel 
  • Architecture Firm – HCP Design Planning and Management Pvt. Ltd 
  • Chief Contractor – Tata Projects Ltd. 

The structure is intended to last more than 150 years. It is intended to withstand earthquakes and will have architectural designs from many regions of India. Since the number of MPs may rise due to India’s expanding population and ensuing future redistricting, the projected Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha chambers will feature spacious seating capacities to accommodate more members than are already present. The structure will contain committee rooms and ministerial offices on its four stories. 

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