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Indovance Corporate Social Responsibility – 2016

Indovance CSR Activity

Plastic is not bio-degradable. They stay in the landfill for centuries and it is harming us and our country.
We have already started developing the techniques for the management of plastic waste. The 5 R’s (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Recover and Residual) have been considered as the base to manage such waste in India. From 1996 to 2007 we have consumed 85, 00,000 tons of plastic and this is a clear sign that we shall now stop using it, forever.
Well, the replacement is clearly the paper. It does not pollute the environment the way plastics do and are bio-degradable. They compose and become fertilizer, eventually become useful.
Indovance is a visionary company and we saw a vision of green earth! In fact, we took a step ahead and this year our staff took an oath of making paper bags to reduce plastic usage. We did not stop here, in association with India’s leading NGO “Deepastambha” Indovance will now circulate these paper bags to various retail outlets and schools for increasing awareness of paper bags, every week.
Our objective was clear while planning “CSR 2016”. It was to pursue what we started till we achieve what we dreamt. We saw many companies and government organizations till now taking up CSR activities. They started well but suddenly stopped it due to low interest, energy and may be sometimes man-power. Keeping all these do’s and don’ts in mind, we decided to stick to one CSR activity no matter how small it is and pursue it till we achieve something.
Indovance staff is now successfully making 70 paper bags every week and our CSR partner and associate Deepastambha is circulating it amongst the society. We really thank our staff, Ameya Joshi, founding member of Deepastambha and the Indovance Management to identify, assist, acknowledge and execute such noble cause.
We wish our team all the best for this Mission “Paper Bag” and other CSR activities.

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