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Key BIM Terms You Need to Know

Key BIM Terms You Need to Know
With new technical terms being coined all the time it’s difficult to keep up with all the latest lingo in the construction world. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you all of the most important BIM terms you’ll need to know when working in and around this industry. Below, you’ll find the first 10 key BIM terms.

Key BIM Terms You Should Know

Project Information Model (PIM) – The design and construction stage of a project. Pre-Contract BEP – The contractor’s proposal Post-Contract BEP – The details of a contract’s delivery plan Federated Model – BIM is compiled of several different models, making one important model. Data Exchange Specification – Outlining information exchange by specific electronic file formats so that digital data can be shared through various BIM software. Data Drop – A stage for information pertaining to the delivery stage, data drop refers to data delivery and information exchange. Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) – Delivered in spreadsheet format, data schema contains a subsection of BIM without graphical data. Common Data Environment (CDE) – A source of central information that can be accessed by all involved in a particular project. CDE can be stored on a cloud or extranet. Clash Rendition – Achieve clash avoidance or detection in BIM models using different disciplines. Geared toward reducing costs and errors. CIC BIM Protocol – According to thenbs.com, “A supplementary legal agreement which is designed to be used by construction clients and contractor clients. It is incorporated into professional services appointments and construction contracts – an amendment to standard terms, creating additional rights and obligations for the employer and the contracted party to facilitate collaborative working while safeguarding intellectual property ownership and liability differentiation between those involved.” BIM Execution Plan (BEP) – A plan that manages the delivery of a project. Asset Information Model (AIM) – The post-construction stage of modelinig 4D, 5D and 6D – Extra dimensions that link BIM models with cost, time, and schedule-related information. Remember, if you’re interested in learning more BIM terms, be sure to visit our next blog post when we will offer another 10 terms that are important to BIM.

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