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How Legos Encourage Creativity and Engineering

Mechanical Design Services Legos are a fun way for kids to let their imagination run wild while building and learning how things work. They’re able to start something from scratch and see it through to the very end. They’re also able to tear it apart when there are problems, make alterations and rebuild it until it’s perfect and just the way they want it.

Many Lego kits came with a wordless instruction manual that helped us build spaceships, trucks and even police stations. Not only did the Legos teach us to plan, build and imagine, they also taught us to follow direction and learn from our mistakes. Many adults can’t imagine life without Legos growing up. They were a large part of most people’s childhood – boy or girl.

While we might have realized later on that Legos encouraged our creativity, we may not have realized that some of the world’s best engineers came out of those that sat and played with the blocks for hours at a time as a kid. That’s right. Legos encourage children to learn more about engineering. While they might not know it at the time, the planning, building, maintaining and breakdown of the objects built with the blocks helped our minds develop and grow.

One of the biggest learning experiences we have with Legos has to do with simple machines. Legos teach us about how to implement the following:

  • levers
  • wheel-and-axles
  • inclined planes
  • wedges
  • screws
  • pulleys
  • gears

They also taught us the properties of materials such as:

  • strength
  • flexibility
  • insulating ability
  • sound absorption ability
  • waterproofing
  • color
  • reflectivity

In addition to using Legos as kids, future engineers also get to use them in college, as well! How much fun does that sound like? MIT students often use Legos to inspire them as they’re studying engineering. They’re able to apply their learned knowledge to Lego designs and models while they play!

Remember, we might not have realized it at the time, but we learned about how to implement each of these factors during our play times as kids! So, the next time your child wants to play inside, building fire stations and big trucks out of legos, think twice before saying no! You just might be encouraging one of the world’s future greatest engineers!

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