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LiDAR is Ushering the AEC Industry into a New Era of Safety

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Back in January 2022, Luminar, makers of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), partnered with Mercedes-Benz to deploy LiDAR technology in their high-end cars and take driving assistance to a new level. Last month, both parties expanded on the deal by agreeing to bring LiDAR units to an even broader range of Mercedes’s next-gen vehicle line-up which features autonomous driving technology.

We need to look at the significance of this move. The incorporation of LiDAR sensors will enhance the safety factor of these cars. When the car is driving itself, within the conformed limits of speed, of course, the driver can focus on other tasks like checking emails or grabbing a quick bite without worrying about crashing into something in the environment. 

This is just one example of how LiDAR can be used as a valuable safety asset. Moving on from automation, we’ll look towards LiDAR’s impact in the AEC industry, construction to be specific. But first, a quick look at LiDAR.

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing technology that uses narrow laser beams to scan physical objects in its range. It is highly accurate, can create millions of point clouds, and has mesh network capabilities. Furthermore, it can assign a unique ID to each physical asset, making its use apparent in security and surveillance systems.

LiDAR has emerged as one of the best scanning technologies and its uses are spread across the spectrum. Here are some areas where LiDAR can be used-

LiDAR’s benefits are widespread, and it’s being implemented in modern technologies to make life easier! Even the latest iPhone’s are equipped with LiDAR sensors. This is allowing Architects to simply download 3D scanning apps to create virtual models of different physical spaces. 

Let’s come back to the safety aspect. With remote sensing, we can analyze our environment to predict and avoid potential threats, well, in a sense. We can never put all our chips on the ‘prediction’ part but can always plan and be prepared. 

In construction, there is a need to accident-proof a site. A special emphasis needs to be placed on safety to avoid mishaps that could lead to damage of property or even worse, loss of life. This is where LiDAR can be a game changer.

Using LiDAR for enhanced safety on construction sites

The construction industry is adjusting to digitization (better late than never, right?). Firms are implementing processes like BIM into project workflows to improve collaboration, coordination, visualization, and risk mitigation.

By using LiDAR scanning, firms can analyze the equipment beforehand and create 3D models of the site. This will allow professionals to make informed decisions to identify hazards and put appropriate safety measures in place before beginning the construction process.

Here’s how using LiDAR enhances safety on construction sites-

Site Analysis

Accurate 3D models of construction sites can be created using LiDAR. This enables professionals to identify potential hazards and plan for site safety.

Equipment Safety

Construction sites feature massive equipment, some moving and some stationary. By using LiDAR, this equipment can be scanned, and the information can be used to avoid collisions and prevent accidents.

Building Inspection

Entire buildings can be scanned using LiDAR to identify potential hazards. We can get information about structural damage, cracks in foundations, and more.

Worker Safety

Remember we said LiDAR assigns a unique ID to each object it scans? This feature can come in handy when monitoring workers on a construction site. It can detect workers that are in potentially hazardous areas and alert them to move to a safer location. 

Emergency Response

The 3D models created using LiDAR can be useful in putting proper evacuation processes in place. If ever a life-threatening situation arises, a proper emergency prompt can save both life and equipment.  

LiDAR has greatly enhanced safety on construction sites! Not only that, it is being adopted into different industries like automation, robotics, surveying, and more.

Technology has made life better, for the better. It is allowing us to take massive strides in all areas of life and add value to it. But it also has its limitations. We cannot be dependent on technology completely; at some point, we must take control of the reins. No matter how alluring a new technology is, it won’t be adopted if it endangers life.

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