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MAD Unveil a Floating Feather Design for Changchun ‘Longjia’ International  Airport  Terminal 3 in  China


MAD Architects has revealed the design for the Changchun “Longjia” International Airport Terminal 3 in China, in collaboration with China Airport Planning & Design Institute and Beijing Institute of Architectural Design. 

The new design of the Changchun Longjia International Airport terminal building is meant to have a serene and welcoming atmosphere from both outside and inside, according to MAD Architects. Travelers will be greeted by the terminal’s distinctive fan-shaped shape resembling a “floating feather” when they arrive from the “Longjia” Station or the parking lot. 

The proposed feather-like design of airport terminal 3 reveals a shift towards the sleek and futuristic, with architectural motifs that suggest simplicity and effectiveness. 

Changchun ‘Longjia’ International Airport Terminal 3 – Project Details 

  • Project: Changchun Airport Terminal 3 
  • Location: Changchun, Jilin Province, China 
  • Project Site Area: 177.6 Hectares  
  • Terminal Area: 270,000 Square Meters 
  • Project Owner: Jilin Provincial Civil Airport Group Company 
  • Architect: MAD 

A Floating Feather-like Design for a Future Large-Scale Transportation Junction 

A Floating Feather-like Design for a Future Large-Scale Transportation Junction 

The new terminal 3 building, which will be the airport’s first large-scale air transportation hub, will cover nearly 270,000 square meters on a 177.6-hectare footprint. 

The terminal will have 54 aircraft gates and will be built as “the biggest air transportation junction of Changchun city and entire Jilin Province,” with the goal of accommodating 22 million passengers per year once completed. 

MAD Architects designed the airport terminal with lush interior landscaping to echo the surrounding ‘Garden City’ of Changchun. As travelers approach the terminal, they will be greeted by an abundance of forests, lakes, meadows, and rolling hills, while the interior of the airport features a ‘cold zone garden’ of native trees, ground covers, and water features. 

The departure hall’s feather-shaped roof allows natural light to flood the interior, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere that extends to the gardens within. The building’s structural system follows the rhythmic pattern of the skin, indicating the direction of force transmission and directing the passenger toward the central skylights. 

The terminal is designed with a three-branched corridor structure surrounded by arcs to ensure a harmonious layout when connecting to the T1 and T2 terminal areas, while also providing additional seating capacity close to the aircraft.  

Passengers will be greeted by a large, continuous ground floor that provides direct access to the subway, roadway, and other modes of transportation that connect the terminal to the larger area. 

By reducing the distance between the terminal entrance and the east expansion station hall of “Longjia” Station to less than 200 meters, the subway station hall is seamlessly integrated into the central space of the terminal building, reducing the number of transfers between the subway and the airport. 

The terminal’s approach to green design on a small scale is a response to the timeless human need for connection to human and plant life alike, all within a shape as light and airy as a feather floating in the breeze. 

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