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Maldives Floating City – A Benchmark for Sustainable & Thriving Communities


Native Americans and Asians have depended on the water for their livelihood for generations. Visionary settlers have used the waves to support their families, houses, and communities, whether perched atop lakes, streams, ocean, or sea.  

Modern real estate investors have long been envious of the world’s rare “floating islands” due to their practicality, creativity, and sustainability. But it has always seemed impossible to transform these local homes into contemporary, scalable, commercially viable real estate. Before now. 

Waterstudio, in collaboration with Dutch Docklands, has unveiled the concept of the Maldives Floating City (MFC), a company located in the Netherlands, and the Maldives government.  

Let’s take a look at the world’s first floating island city. 

The Core of Maldives Floating City – Environmental Sustainability 

Maldives Floating City- floating islands

The Maldives, a country made up of around 2,000 islands and archipelagos in the center of the Indian Ocean is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and increasing sea levels since it is an entire island nation. 

President Nasheed, often referred to as the “Mandela of the Maldives, evolved into a true ally of the environment. He issued the following caution to delegates at the 2009 United Nations Climate Conference: “There are many who tell us that preventing climate change is impossible. Some argue that making dramatic changes would be too difficult. Some suggest that we give up on our dreams.” 

He added, “I’m here to assure you, though, that we will not give up on hope. We won’t keep quiet. We will not concede that a better world is not conceivable. His fervent address led to a voluntary accord in which nations acknowledged the necessity of limiting the rise in global temperatures and committed several billion dollars to aid developing nations in their efforts to adapt.” 

This served as the foundation for the Paris Accord, which was ratified by 195 nations in 1995. Time Magazine named him an environmental hero in September 2009 as a result of his actions. Soon later, on April 22, 2010, Earth Day, the UN gave Nasheed its Champions of the Earth environmental award. He was included in Newsweek’s list of the top ten world leaders in August 2010. 

The Maldives will become the first nation in the world to be carbon-neutral, according to President Nasheed. Additionally, he is actively advocating for the protection of the coral reefs that helped shield his nation from the deadly tsunami of 2005 by taking the brunt of the tremendous earthquake-triggered wave. He is one of the founding members of the Maldives Coral Institute. 

Most recently, the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), an international alliance of 48 poor countries most at risk from a global climate emergency, selected Nasheed as Ambassador for Ambition.  

Nasheed will continue to concentrate on implementing the Paris Accord, develop Climate Prosperity Plans that will foster economic growth while gradually reducing carbon emissions, and suggest new technology hubs to deal with the economy’s challenge to decarbonize sectors and speed up climate adaptation. 

Most recently, the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), an international alliance of 48 poor countries most at risk from a global climate emergency, selected Nasheed as Ambassador for Ambition. Nasheed will continue to concentrate on implementing the Paris Accord, develop Climate Prosperity Plans that will foster economic growth while gradually reducing carbon emissions, and suggest new technology hubs to deal with the economy’s challenge to decarbonize sectors and speed up climate adaptation. 

Mohamed Nasheed once remarked, “We Maldivians are a nation of survivors. And we’ll do every effort to make sure our nation survives. However, our survival as a country depends on the survival of the globe. 

Sustainability at the Heart of Maldives Floating City 

Eco-Friendly Floating Cities

The native culture of this country of seafarers is the inspiration for the Maldives Floating City. Living on the ocean is consistent with Maldivian culture and history because of their close ties to the sea.  

The city is known as a boating town since it relies heavily on its canal system for logistics and access points, limiting land-based travel to walking and bicycling on the city’s unpaved, white sand roadways. Only bicycles and electric, noise-free buggies and scooters are permitted, no other vehicles are allowed. 

It also offers the unique possibility to obtain a residence permit with the purchase of a house in the perfect weather and tropical surroundings. The Floating City invites the international community to live here (semi) permanently and enjoy the Maldivian lifestyle, mixing green values with a sense of place based on centuries of experience with living with the sea.  

This fascinating metropolis creates blue ecosystems that promote coral growth both above and below the water’s surface. 

The underbelly of the city will be covered with artificial coral banks, which will encourage coral to naturally grow. In conjunction with the connected grid of floating structures, the lagoon’s submerged and protected coral reefs will act as a natural wave (reduction) breaker to give occupants comfort and security. 

Maldives Floating City Highlights 

  • Location – The Maldives Floating City is a dynamic, flexible city with a smart grid that can adapt to dynamic demand, weather, and climate change. It is only 10 minutes by boat from the capital Male and the international airport.  

MFC (Maldives Floating City) applies ecological best practices and cutting-edge sustainable development technology to safeguard, preserve, and improve the pristine marine ecosystem. This idea is a first of its kind and will serve as a standard for all upcoming advances worldwide. 

  • Developers & Architects – With a blend of green technology, safety, commercial viability, and a healthy new lifestyle, developer Dutch Docklands and architects from Waterstudio.NL have conceptualized a next-generation sea-level rise-proof urban development that will bring safety and development space to the Maldives and serve as the framework for future floating cities. The Maldivians will change their destiny from being climate refugees to being climate innovators if they accomplish this. 
  • Modularity – The floating city with thousands of units can only be built if the infrastructure and units are built using a modular system to ensure quality, standardization, certification, quick construction time, cost control, and efficient maintenance. 
  • Legality – The floating city would be a part of a city’s or country’s legal framework which gives the residents legal standing. To enable finance and insurance, the floating homes and other structures must be labeled as real estate, as in the Maldives. 
  • Power Supply – A floating city’s power and utilities are its foundation. Energy consumption reduction and production of green/blue energy in a smart grid where each unit shares and uses the surplus of available power would be a critical components for this viable floating city. 
  • Waste Management – A floating city’s healthy viable metabolism would be dependent on the supply and distribution of goods, storage, and controlled waste treatment and disposal. Urban planning would include supply and waste management. The metabolic structure is the foundation of a healthy floating city. 
  • Environmental Implications – The amount of sunlight that can reach the bottom must be balanced with the shadows cast by the space covered by floating buildings. There must be ample free space provided by large floating constructions. The undersea life would be improved, not diminished, by the floating structures. 
  • Security, Stability & Docking – In order to make a 100-year projection, it is necessary to engineer natural forces like waves, intense weather, and sea-level rise. The foundation of the floating city design would be rigidity against flexibility and a mooring mechanism that can deflect all the extreme stresses. Single-structure city foundations serve as massive megaships that must withstand tremendous stresses. These factors can be dealt with more effectively and safely by segmenting the city. 
  • Community Living – A floating city would be dynamic, which calls for a structure that can be modified, added to, and updated because that is the only way to address unforeseen issues in the future. The flexibility offered by the floating city with a growth plan based on smaller buildings would be ideal for community living. 

Maldives Floating City is portrayed by the concept’s “environment” and “sustainable.” It is considered a “scarless development” due to the little environmental impact of floating developments. 

To be sustainable, novel and more efficient methods must interact with our surroundings in a long-lasting manner.  

The pursuit of new approaches to utilize water to improve sustainability is known as Sustainaquality 

Sustainaquality” evolves from Sustainability. 

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