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Mechanical engineering: Trends in the coming times…

A brief look:

As in the case of engineers working in other industry verticals, mechanical engineers in the coming years will be instrumental in developing technologies that foster healthier, safer, and sustainable work environment. To do this, they will have to collaborate with their global outsourcing partners to apply innovation and best practices to improve the overall quality of their lives, and of those around them. Having said this, although they are upbeat about the future for their profession, they are not quite certain if their present skills will be good enough to see them through these changing times.

Preparing for the change:

Having the desired domain knowledge and experience is not enough anymore to survive in the ever changing global economy, and mechanical engineers are no exception. For them to combat key global problems, they have to develop more interdisciplinary skills; learn to work seamlessly with team members from outside the engineering profession.  Success will require engineers to continually update and improve their interdisciplinary skills to remain competitive in the global market. However, before they decide to acquire such skills, mechanical engineers should first check their adaptability to the following.

Future of Mechanical Eng

The challenge:

Having realized that their core competencies are not sufficient for them to be successful, mechanical engineers must be optimistic and have self-belief. They have to be open to explore newer engineering disciplines where their interdisciplinary training can come into play. To face the challenge, they must be ready to look at career options in fields like alternative energy, bio and nanotechnology, and bio-medical engineering. They also have to seriously think about acquiring skills like multilingual capabilities, animation, and team management to name a few.

“The future of mechanical engineering holds a lot of promise for outsourcing.  With their newly acquired skills they can work as independent operators, working with colleagues across the globe.”

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