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MineCept – Israeli Start-up Ception’s Inception aims to Revolutionize Construction Safety

MineCept - Israeli Start-up Ception's Inception aims to Revolutionize Construction Safety

Ception, an Israeli startup, has unveiled an AI-based system aimed at reducing accidents and increasing the productivity of heavy equipment in mines and quarries. 

Collisions, overturning, and falling into pits are examples of accidents that claim lives and damage property. Furthermore, operations that lack advanced technological equipment are inefficient, resulting in high and unnecessary costs and extending the time required to complete projects. 

According to the company, the system is designed to reduce operating costs and contribute to sustainability in these demanding work environments. 

MineCept – An AI-Powered Tool Setting Benchmark for Operational Safety, Productivity, and Sustainability  

MineCept is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) solution for mobile heavy machinery. We provide an immediate value solution with a safer, more productive, and more sustainable operation by leveraging Ception Core’s cutting-edge sensing, computer vision, and deep learning technologies. 

For operators of heavy construction machinery including haul trucks, loaders, bulldozers, and excavators at construction sites, mines, quarries, and industrial plants, the system uses precise positioning technology based on visual feeds rather than GPS to provide complete situational awareness.  

The system uses deep learning, a variety of image processing algorithms, input from various sensors, and cross-referencing to produce an accurate representation of the environment around the machine or vehicle. By doing this, accidents involving collisions and overturned vehicles become less frequent, saving money, and preventing delays in projects. 

The system is built on a SaaS business model, which gives the user access to a variety of apps through a single hardware kit and covers a range of field scenarios. By comparing data from various sensors, image processing algorithms, and deep learning, the system uses advanced real-time high-definition 3D mapping and precise positioning technology that is based on visual feed rather than GPS to give the machine complete situational awareness of its surroundings. 

The management system developed by MineCept provides an accessible summary of all operational and safety metrics as well as risks (potholes, puddles, pebbles, etc.) and events that have occurred at the site. Above this limit, artificial intelligence solutions offer insights and enable the early detection of safety failure sites and bottlenecks in many operations (preventative safety). 

The MineCept Suite 

  • MineCept RT & Analytics Viewer MineCept Site managers, foremen, and maintenance teams will benefit from this innovative and advanced display. The system offers real-time fleet information, events, and site hazards, as well as insights and an analytics layer. 
  • MineCept Operator InterfaceReal-time alerts and assistance for improved situational awareness, with the goal of increasing operational safety and productivity. An in-cabin display device and voice alerts are part of the system. 
  • MineCept Modular KitAn OEM-independent modular hardware kit consisting of a compute unit, cameras, additional optional sensors, and communication. 
  • MineCept SDKMineCept’s core capabilities and applications can be easily integrated using a Software Development Kit and APIs. 

MineCept Applications  

  • Reverse Motion Support & Hazard Avoidance System 

Reverse motion support and hazard avoidance system

Obstacle detection, both negative and positive, for safer rear maneuvers and more efficient unloading.

  • Precise Loading Solution

Precise loading solution

Loader-truck coordination and synchronization to avoid bottlenecks and delays. Collision avoidance and improved blind-spot monitoring are included. 

  • Road conditions Monitoring 

Road condition monitoring

Optimized hauling cycles to save money on fuel, mechanical wear, and tire damage, as well as improved road maintenance efficiency and a safer, more sustainable operation. 

  • Integrated Collision avoidance (CXS)

Integrated collision avoidance (CXS)

Camera recognition and classification are combined with RADAR/Lidar technologies to create a dependable and robust system. 

  • Planning vs. Execution

Real-time performance monitoring and volume analysis

Real-time performance monitoring and volume analysis based on mono camera 3D mapping and localization (VPS). 

What is Ception? 

Ception is Jerusalem-based startup Co-founded in 2018 by Tal Israel, Yossi Buda and Amiad Solomon. Ception uses precise localization and mapping to improve industrial mobility and automotive applications. 

Tal Israel, Co-Founder and CEO of Ception, which has received $7 million in funding to date, stated that the mining and quarrying industries are massive markets that face acute safety, efficiency, and sustainability issues and are always looking for innovative solutions. 

“There is currently a technological gap in this discipline,” he explained. “Some of the solutions are geared toward a high level of automation, but they face a number of challenges, including technological limitations, high prices, and regulatory restrictions.” Solutions that rely on basic technologies, on the other hand, do not provide an adequate response and have serious reliability issues. 

“The automation and Industry 4.0 revolutions have resulted in enormous technological advances in edge computing, sensing technologies, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and other areas.” 

He also added that Ception, is not waiting for the automation revolution to be completed and is utilising these cutting-edge technologies to provide precise and dependable solutions “at reasonable prices.” 

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