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NEOM Unveils Treyam: A Luxury Resort 10 km north of THE LINE

Remember THE LINE in Saudi Arabia? The 134-km long project is about to gain a bold new neighbor. Just 10 km north of THE LINE, on the Gulf of Aqaba, NEOM has unveiled Treyam Resort – a luxurious marvel set to redefine hospitality and architectural innovation.

NEOM has a bunch of projects coming up in the Gulf of Aqaba. Earlier this month, they announced Gidori – a residential golf community, then there’s Zardun which is a nature and wildlife retreat, and Elanan wellness retreat among others. Treyam Resort is set to be another addition to luxurious accommodation options in NEOM.

About the Treyam Resort in NEOM

Designed by Mark Foster Gage Architects, its distinctive bridge-like architecture seamlessly connects the northern and southern shores, housing a 250-room luxury resort within a 450-meter-long bridge featuring a rooftop infinity pool. 

Guests will be treated to captivating sunset-like illusions, breathtaking panoramic views of the tidal lagoon, and expansive skies from its upper and lower floors.

There will be activities like sailing, diving, and a bunch of water and land activities. For those seeking rejuvenation, Treyam offers an array of technology-enhanced health and wellness offerings, including state-of-the-art fitness amenities and luxurious spa treatments.

Ambitious Construction Projects in the World

With Treyam, NEOM has given us another architectural marvel to look forward to. The most talked about till now, was and still is THE LINE. It’s a linear urban development project packed with new technologies and innovations that will reinvent urban living. 

In a world where technological advancements continue to accelerate, we witness the rise of increasingly futuristic buildings like the Daxia Tower in China, soaring 210 meters into the sky with its awe-inspiring design and cutting-edge sustainability features. Similarly, the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum is another example of modern, sustainable architecture.

Technology propels us forward while we innovate in our architectural and construction endeavors, and it also enables us to stay committed to sustainability. By harnessing renewable energy sources, implementing green building practices, and prioritizing environmental conservation, we can ensure greener operations and processes.

As we acknowledge Treyam Resort, let us also recognize the broader context of ambitious construction projects like THE LINE, Daxia Tower, and the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum, all pushing the boundaries of architectural imagination while embracing sustainability.

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