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The Importance and Benefits of Piping Stress Analysis

A brief look:

Piping design is not limited to planning pipeline layout. Pipes can be surprisingly dynamic despite appearing to be static. Any change in the possible loads can cause a shift, harm, damage, and other potential impacts in the pipes.  

The equipment in your plant as well as the health of the people could suffer as a result. 

Piping system design is a major part of the design engineering effort in any facility, particularly stress analysis. Piping stress analysis is a critical aspect of piping design and allows you to address issues related to piping safety, the safety of components and connected equipment, and piping deflection. The objective of such analysis is to prevent premature failure of piping and piping components and to ensure that the stress is kept within allowable limits. 

What is Piping Stress Analysis? 

Stress Analysis is a type of industrial testing that involves calculating mechanical stress, strain, and associated deformations. It is a computational method that applies a load to a structure to ascertain how it responds. 

Piping stress analysis includes certain inspections, and simulations performed during the design and detailed engineering phases to ensure a safe design. 

Piping stress analysis can forecast stresses in the piping and loads on the equipment with the help of thermal gradients, thermal transients, weights, pressure, and bolt-up strain 

This analysis is typically required for long pipe runs, such as hot piping to coolers or headers, or for piping experiencing significant temperature fluctuations. A piping stress analysis may also be necessary for situations where the equipment is sensitive to outside loads. 

Piping stress analysis calculations take into account both static and dynamic loads, including deadweight (the pipe’s own weight, including the weight of the fluid inside, as well as the weight of the fittings and other related parts), internal and external pressure, thermal loads (caused by temperature changes), seismic loads, wind loads, vibration, water hammer, steam hammer, slug force, PSV reaction force, etc. 

Piping Stress Analysis – Importance and Benefits 

Besides evaluating the piping system’s load capabilities, piping stress analysis offers other benefits like analyzing the response to dead weight thermal and pressure loads and measuring the effects of support settlement, wave, and seismic loads. Using the analysis, you can also select proper springs for necessary support, and evaluate support lift-off, friction, and gaps.  

The following are the Benefits of Piping Stress Analysis: 

  • Ensure that the piping system has enough flexibility to absorb the pipe’s thermal expansion. 
  • Ensure Compliance with the relevant codes and standards, so that the stresses in the piping components are within allowable limits. 
  • Maintain the nozzle loads on the piping-connected equipment within predetermined allowable ranges in accordance with applicable and allowable standards (e.g., NEMA SM 23, API 610, API 661, API 667, ASME sec III, etc.). 
  • Helps in choosing the appropriate kind of pipe support based on the determination of the piping stress. 
  • Ensure pipe displacements for clash-free routing at maximum and minimum temperatures. 
  • Helps to determine the loads and moments on the supporting structures and ensure that they are within the acceptable range in accordance with civil requirements. 
  • Addresses issues with transient flow, relief valve discharge, fluid hammer, pulsation, mechanical vibration, and acoustic vibration in piping that are caused by dynamic forces. 
  • Guarantees flange joints that are leak-proof. 
  • Helps to determine unintentional pipe support disengagement. 

Application areas: 

In the present-day industry, piping stress analysis offers many benefits as it covers various application areas. Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits through images: – 

Benefits of Piping Stress Analysis

Software solutions for piping stress analysis allow you to quickly define and evaluate system models. With the help of the color-coded system, the software helps you quickly and clearly identify areas of concern quickly and clearly. The graphical representation allows you to view displacement for any stress load. 

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