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Revive Urban Biodiversity with Bee Brick Benefits

Declining bee populations and overall biodiversity loss have been a topic of concern, and Construction contributes significantly to habitat loss.  

How can we ensure that each development returns back to nature? 

Artificial bee nesting structures have been proposed as a management option to assist declining solitary bee populations. One such method for improving bee and wasp nesting habitats in urban areas is to incorporate habitat into built structures such as houses and walls. 

A novel product, the solitary-bee brick, has been developed to accomplish this. Let’s take a look. 

The BEE BRICK in Construction 

Bee Brick was created to provide nature with a place to live in urban areas. It makes nesting space for solitary bees or other small wildlife species inside the structure of a building when used in place of a typical house brick or block. Buildings’ tiniest crevices and corners are what Bee Brick is all about restoring. 

To provide a habitat for solitary bees, the Bee Brick can be used in buildings in place of regular bricks or blocks. As an alternative, you can use it in your garden or natural area as a stand-alone bee house. For non-aggressive solitary bee species like red mason bees and leafcutter bees, it will provide a much-needed nesting area. 

Solitary bees can utilize Bee Brick, an inventive nesting location, in your garden or a typical brick building. It is a straightforward and fashionable attempt to restore urban biodiversity and increases habitat for non-swarming solitary bees. 

Solitary bees can lay their eggs in the cavities found in each Bee Brick, then cover the opening with mud and chewed-up plants to seal it. The cycle will again when the offspring appear the following spring. Each cavity extends partially into the brick, the rear of which is solid. 

With no vegetation covering the holes, Bee Bricks should be positioned in a warm, sunny area at a minimum height of 1m on a south-facing wall. Bee-friendly plants should be placed close by so that the bees using the bricks have access to food; otherwise, it is doubtful that the brick will be used. Pollinator-friendly plants include buddleia, honeysuckle, and lavender. 

Since recycled materials and concrete from the Cornish China clay industry make up 75% of the Bee Brick, it is both durable and ecological. 

Reviving Urban Biodiversity with Bee Brick Benefits 

According to renowned American biologist Edward Osborne Wilson, if insects were to disappear, so would almost all blooming plants and the food webs they sustain.  

Reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals would ultimately become extinct as a result of this loss, making practically all terrestrial animal life extinct. Insect extinction would also stop the organic matter from decomposing quickly, which would stop nutrition cycling. Humans would not be able to endure this in the longer run. 

There is no denying the importance of bees to the environment and working to conserve them is one way we may prevent a catastrophe brought on by climate change. 

Rewilding in urban areas, organic food production, and giving the natural world and wildlife as much emphasis as math and science in school are all things we’d want to see happen. We need to reconnect with the natural world, and we need to reconsider the idea that we are a superior species. 

In addition to attempting to interfere with natural ecosystems as little as possible, it is critical for people to occasionally make good contributions.  

For humans to live in harmony, it is crucial to comprehend that every species has a purpose, and that balance is necessary. 

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