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The Second Generation of 3D Printing

3d cad servicesFormlabs has introduced a new desktop 3D printer, the Form 2. This high-resolution, desktop stereolithography 3D printer was developed with designers and engineers in mind. They aimed to make it easier to use than most 3D printers, including the first printer they produced, the Form 1.

The company specializes in manufacturing 3D printers, and created the Form 1 back in 2012. It was funded through a Kickstarter campaign and shipped to backers in 2013. Formlabs tried to make Form 2 more user friendly by making the process easier with what they call a “1-click print.” When models are created, supports are automatically built in instead of having to be inserted manually. This should result in fewer print fails than the Form 1.

Formlabs cofounder Max Lobovsky said, “What we tried to do when we designed this machine was to account for all the variables that would cause failure. Instead of adding all these fantastic features with cameras and crazy sound, we really tried to make a reliable machine because that’s what this movement needs.”

The Form 2 is 40 percent larger than its predecessor so it can produce larger objects. The laser is better, too. It’s 50 percent more powerful, which produces a better resolution. Other new features include a sliding peel mechanism, wiper and heated resin tank, which facilitates printing large parts with intricate details. The resin tanks are automatically refilled during the printing process.

It also has options that can print over Wi-Fi as well as send custom notification and text alerts while your project is being processed. It has a new web interface that lets users monitor their output across multiple printers. You can view your work from one point if you’re working in a design shop with multiple jobs going at once. It can also be accessed on a desktop computer or through tablets or cell phones.

Even with these added capabilities, the machine is still small in size, so it can easily fit into design studios. That was part of the plan with the new model, according to Lobovsky.

“If you make a machine that’s extremely reliable with a small footprint that you can put in a designer’s studio or an engineering shop,” he said, “you can do things that will change the world because you give them tools that they never had before to make things that never existed before.”

In the past, if your company wanted a 3D printer, it took a big investment of both time and money. With easier to use products such as the Form 2, even a small business can compete. The cost of a Form 2 is $3499 and includes their PreForm software, a liter of resin for printing your first project and a finish kit to use post processing. While that may be out of the price range of someone with a mere passing interest in 3D printing, the cost is justifiable for a small design firm wanting to expand their capabilities.

Indovance – Affordable 3D CAD Services for 3D Printing

If you need help with BIM, mechanical design, or 3D CAD services, but don’t want to hire a full-time employee to take on these duties, you should consider outsourcing to Indovance. We are one of the top 3D CAD drafting services companies in the world. When you outsource your design projects, you’re able to spend time on the things that you care about most, like building your client list. Call us today to learn more about the benefits we offer to businesses that want to grow and succeed at new levels while lowering overhead costs and gaining profitability.

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