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Snøhetta Discloses a Green Library Design for their Upcoming Project – A New Westchester Square Library in The Bronx

Snøhetta Discloses a Green Library Design for their Upcoming Project – A New Westchester Square Library in The Bronx

Snøhetta, along with the New York City Department of Design and Construction, and the New York Public Library unveiled Plans for an upcoming project, a new 12,000-square-foot Westchester Square Library in the Bronx. 

The initial design of the upcoming structure depicts a prismatic reading room rising from a board-formed concrete foundation and covered in glass facades. The Bronx is referred to as “New York City’s greenest borough,” and the design incorporates abstract views of the neighborhood’s treetops.  

The new Huntington Free Library branch at Westchester Square will carry on the legacy of the historic Huntington Free Library as a location for future generations to learn and share knowledge. 

Let’s take a look at Bronx’s new Beautiful and Bright Westchester Square Library. 

Westchester Square Library – Project Details 

  • Project Name – Westchester Square Library 
  • Location – Bronx, New York 
  • Area – 12,000-square-foot 
  • Project Owner New York Public Library & NYC Department of Design and Construction  
  • Architect Snøhetta 
  • Civil Engineering Thornton Tomasetti 
  • Structural Engineering Silman 
  • MEP Engineering Altieri 
  • Sustainability Targeting for LEED Silver Certification 
  • Sustainability Consultant Atelier 10 
  • Expected Completion Date – 2025 

The Westchester Square Library’s construction will begin in 2023 and is expected to be finished in 2025. 

A Cinematic Connect to Canopies of the Bronx – Chasing Sustainability 

The NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) has set an ambitious goal to cut New York City’s carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050. The Westchester Square Library is a test program for this initiative.  

The library and its design must implement systems and operations with better energy performance than that mandated by the current building code in order to accomplish that goal. Utilizing a high-efficiency energy recovery ventilator, which transfers heat or coolness from exhaust air to intake air, is one of these energy-saving techniques. 

The new Library, which is aiming for LEED Platinum certification, will have a solar array and a high-performance envelope design that will help it reduce its demand for electricity from the region’s vital energy infrastructure during peak times. 

The interior spaces were designed by the architects in accordance with their requirements for views and light, so that the most active and social parts of the library, such as the new spaces for kids, teens, and young adults, will be clearly visible from the outside.  

The new street-level view garden, which serves as both a water retention and filtration system, is visible from the classrooms and communal areas. As a result of the garden’s planting of shade-loving groundcovers and flowering trees, the library’s abstract façade design and environmental performance are combined to create a beautiful outdoor space. 

The glass building has a striking green color and a design that is meant to resemble the treetops on the nearby blocks. The building is environmentally friendly, as well as green in appearance: Along with the photovoltaic panels on its roof, the glass frit filters sunlight entering the structure to lower energy consumption at the library. 

The library’s designated youth area will be visible to onlookers from both the street level and the elevated 6 train. The new Viewing Garden, a patch of land with perennial plants that blend with the tree-inspired facade ornamentation, is visible from two classrooms and a community area. This landscape serves as a rainwater collection area and, like the building, improves the overall environmental impact. 

Snøhetta is proud to have worked with DDC (Department of Design and Construction) on a collection of transformative projects across New York City, from the reconstruction of Times Square to the creation of new branch libraries in Far Rockaway, and now, Westchester Square in the Bronx,” said Craig Dykers, Snøhetta Founding Partner. “Over the last 12 years, our team of architects, landscape architects, and interior architects have worked with DDC to enrich the social vitality of local communities through thoughtful designs that will stand the test of time.”    

“The Viewing Garden provides an understated counterpoint to the surrounding urban landscape,” said Snøhetta Partner and Landscape Architecture Discipline Director Michelle Delk in a press release. “As an extension of the library, the Garden absorbs rainwater into a verdant landscape while also bringing light and visual interest to the indoor experience.” 

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