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Technical Drawing 101

Drafting, draughting and technical drawing are all the same thing. Whatever you choose to call it, technical drawing uses a skill to create plans that can be visualized and followed, so that they can be carried out. This process is an instructional drawing that uses art instead of written words to teach someone how to build or create an object.

AutoCAD ServicesTechnical Drawers are called various things, as well; drafts-person, a draughtsman, or more popularly known as drafters. If the drafter is a professional, they’re known as a drafting technician.

Technical drawings are very clear in what they show. They represent one message and rarely leave any room for interpretation. This is where technical drawings are different from artistic ones. Artistic renderings are subjective and open to interpretation. Drawings could be seen as one thing by one individual and something entirely different by another. That is the beauty of artistic drawings.

Technical drawings are very specific and never seen differently by others. They follow set rules and don’t stray away from them. Intentions are clear and confusion is avoided.

Who Uses Technical Drawings?

  • architects
  • all types of engineers
  • teachers
  • interior designers
  • product designers
  • construction workers
  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • anyone who builds or creates
  • programmers
  • app designers

Is Technical Drafting the Same as CAD Drafting?

Technical drawing is done manually. Drafters use stencils, triangles, rulers, t-squares, large paper and work spaces to help them get the drawings completed. CAD drafting uses computer aided software to help them create technical drawings.

Software like CorelDRAW or AutoCAD has only been in existence since the late 1970s. Before that, technical drawings were done by hand or with the help of machines. When AutoCAD was released in the early 1980s, technical drawing by hand started phasing out.

Which is Better?

This is a question that has been asked time and time again. Is manual technical drawing better than CAD drafting? Almost always, CAD wins this debate. Why?  There’s a wide range of reasons:

3D Modeling – Following a 3D model is easier than a technical drawing during prototyping.

Easy Accessibility  – This software is easy to use and rarely causes complications within a firm while training.

Sustainability – No need to use countless amounts of paper with CAD.

Designing and Sharing – Sharing CAD files has never been easier. You’re able to work with a network that offers tons of benefits.

No Redrawing – CAD offers a way to rework designs that would otherwise be trashed and redrawn. This saves time and money.

Are you thinking that your firm would benefit from offering AutoCAD services? Are you worried about the overhead this type of software might bring to your business? Consider outsourcing instead!

For Outstanding AutoCAD Services, Call Indovance Today!

Sometimes, making the decision to outsource might be easy, but selecting the right partner for your business can be the hardest part of the overall process. Thankfully, companies like Indovance are here to offer quality resources to help ease your fears about hiring an outside vendor. To learn more about Indovance and all the 3D outsourcing services we offer, give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!

We offer 3D AutoCAD services, BIM, engineering, architecture services and more. Let us help your business with costly planning, designing and constructing! Our goal is to provide you with cost efficient, quality, and timely results!

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