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The Best Mouse for AutoCAD

Mechanical Design ServicesA good mouse should be a top priority if you’re an AutoCAD user, or specialize in mechanical design services. It’s a tool you’ll use for at least eight hours a day so you’ll want to make sure it’s meets your needs so you can do your job comfortably and efficiently.

Here are a few types to consider:

A standard mouse is based on mechanics, using moving parts to detect two-dimensional movement. It allows for control of the motion on your display, but it may not be as precise as some of the other types of mice available.

A trackball mouse doesn’t have the limitations of a regular mouse because you can continue rolling beyond the edge of the working area. It’s ideal for extended use because you don’t have to lift and reposition it like you would a regular mouse. It gives you more control and reduces hand and wrist motion, which is perfect for AutoCAD users.

If you’re prone to wrist pain when working, a vertical mouse may be the answer for you. Rather than holding the mouse horizontally, you’re gripping it vertically, with your fingers wrapped around it as if you’re holding a ball. This position may feel more natural to you and may ease discomfort in your forearm and wrist.

An optical mouse uses a LED light to track movement with more precision than a standard mouse. It has a lower DPI, making it easier to move across large screens. It is not as accurate as a laser because of the lower DPI, so its movements aren’t as precise. They’re a less expensive option.

A laser mouse also uses light, or a laser, to track movement. It’s able to do so very smoothly and on any surface. It’s a more expensive option and has a shorter lifespan so it’s not a common choice.

Gaming Mouse
Gaming mice have the highest DPI, which can be important in AutoCAD work but isn’t a necessity. They also have more buttons that are programmable with keys and macros, which may be helpful.

Having a mouse with a cord can be annoying to some people if it hinders movement, but some people don’t want to use wireless mouse because you have to replace the batteries fairly often. It’s a personal preference that doesn’t necessarily affect your work performance.

While the DPI, preciseness of movement and other features available on a mouse are important in how it functions, ultimately, the best mouse for you to use is the one that is the most comfortable to use. Make sure the size is appropriate for your hand and that you are able to grip it without feeling discomfort in your wrist or arm. The best mouse for AutoCAD, and mechanical design is one that you don’t have to think about.

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