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The International VELUX Award 2022 Winners


10 regional winners have been chosen by the International VELUX Award jury from 507 concepts that were submitted from 211 schools of architecture worldwide. 

“It’s wonderful to see the competition have such an amazing response from so many architecture schools around the globe. With this challenge, we hope to engage educators and students in a discussion about daylight. It is gratifying to observe so many exquisite, original, and conscientious interpretations of the theme of “Light of tomorrow,”- stated Tina Christensen, the International VELUX Award’s director.”

Video Source: The VELUX Group

The International VELUX Award 2022 – Jury 

The esteemed jury comprised: 

  • Anupama Kundoo of Anupama Kundoo Architects (India) 
  • John Ronan of John Ronan Architects (US) 
  • Rainer Hofmann of Bogevischs Buero (Germany)
  • Fuensanta Nieto of Nieto Sobejano Arquitos (Spain) 
  • Lotte Kragelund of VELUX A/S (Denmark) 

Given the rising population density in metropolitan areas, natural light is a resource that will become even more important. As a result, using natural light in design is becoming a more difficult endeavor, which emphasizes the need for more understanding and a willingness to use daylight in architectural practices. 

The jury praised the inventive designs that show this willingness with their original lighting ideas in the submitted concepts. The entries demonstrated students’ interest in contemporary political, social, cultural, and environmental challenges as well as their desire to actively look for and investigate fresh answers.  

The variety of concerns that the kids highlighted as being important to their futures greatly impressed the jury. These subjects included both universal themes and regional and local issues. Projects with a potentially favorable environmental impact drew the jury’s attention in particular. 

  • The following factors from the award brief drove the jury’s final assessment of the projects: 
  • The use of daylight as the foundation for architecture 
  • How the project is documented and researched 
  • How the project responds to current and upcoming difficulties 
  • The degree of originality and experimentation, as well as the project’s overall graphic presentation 

The International VELUX Award 2022 Winners 

The winners in the category “Daylight in Buildings” are: 

Region – Africa

Aqua Mart 

  • Project – Aqua Mart  
  • Student: Elmarie van Staden  
  • School: Greenside Design Centre, College of Design  
  • Teacher:  Jean Wiid   
  • Country: South Africa   

Region – The Americas


  •  Project – 24-HOUR DAYLIGHT: A pavilion that reconnects the city with light  
  • Students – Adrian Paocarima Herrera, Melissa Anabelle Ulcuango Merino and Kevin Daniel Arroyo Males  
  • School – Universidad central del Ecuador  
  • Teacher – Paul Esteban Paredes Escobar   
  • Country – Ecuador  

Region – Asia & Oceania  

Lighting up, Neighbourhood Hop

  • Project – Lighting up, Neighbourhood Hop  
  • Students – Feng Meiyin, Feng Yijun, and Zhang Jinru   
  • School – Beijing Jiaotong University  
  • Teacher – Wang Xin  
  • Country – China 

Region – Eastern Europe & The Middle East  

TIP, Time Indicate Protection 

  • Project – TIP, Time Indicate Protection  
  • Student – Zuzanna Sazonow and Aleksandra Pytka  
  • School – Politechnika Poznańska  
  • Teachers – Patrycja Kamińska  
  • Country – Poland  

Region – Western Europe 

Spotlight Tree

  • Project – Spotlight Tree: Self-regulating System in Desert Environment  
  • Students – Zhao Liuxin, Liu Wanchen, Xin Guanbai and Dong Zhenbin  
  • School – The University of Sheffield  
  • Teacher – Bobby Nisha  
  • Country – United Kingdom  

The winners in the category of “Daylight Investigations” are: 

Region – Africa 

The International VELUX Award 2022 Winners - Limitless Daylight 

  • Project – Limitless Daylight 
  • Students – ISHIMWE MUNYANDEKWE Augustin  
  • School – The University of Rwanda – School of Architecture & Built Environment  
  • Teacher – Dr. Josephine Malonza  
  • Country – Rwanda  

Region – The Americas  

The International VELUX Award 2022 Winners - Martian Light  

  • Project – Martian Light  
  • Students – Gray Burke  
  • School – University of Miami  
  • Teacher – Yasmine Zeghar Hammoudi  
  • Country – United States of America  

Region – Asia & Oceania 

The International VELUX Award 2022 Winners - Under the Three Gorges Project  

  • Project – Under the Three Gorges Project  
  • Students – Yawen Qiao  
  • School – Southwest Jiaotong University  
  • Teachers – Jun Wang and Huang Xuan  
  • Country – China  

Region – Eastern Europe & The Middle East 

The International VELUX Award 2022 Winners - Flight  

  • Project – Flight  
  • Students – Sajjad Navidi, Mahya Mousavi Sadr, and Elham Bahadori  
  • School – University of Art, Tehran  
  • Teacher – Rima Fayaz and Maryam Fakhari  
  • Country – Islamic Republic of Iran 

Region – Western Europe  

Solar Hymnal 

  • Project – Solar Hymnal  
  • Students – Jaan Gröndahl  
  • School – Metropolia University of Applied Sciences  
  • Teacher – Janne Järvinen  
  • Country – Finland 

The regional winning projects were awarded 1,000 € for the student(s) and 250 € for the teacher(s). 

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