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Top 10 Amazing Revit Plugins for BIM Managers


Revit is a prominent building information modeling (BIM) program used by professionals in the AEC industry, ranging from architects and structural engineers to designers and contractors. The software created by Autodesk allows users to design a building in 3D, mark it with 2D drafting features, and retrieve information from the model’s database.

Revit has thousands of integrations and plugins. These plugins can assist streamline procedures, save time and money, and personalise the Revit experience to individual needs, which can be a huge aid to any team’s productivity.

Setting up mechanisms to automate boring and repetitive processes is an important aspect of the BIM manager’s job. Let’s go over some of famous Revit software integrations and plugins. These top customised software stack, and plugins can help you accomplish maximising your productivity.

Top 10 Revit Plugins

Dynamo (AutoDesk)

  • Dynamo (AutoDesk) – Dynamo is a BIM and computational design open-source software platform. It enables users to create “logic routines” in order to improve workflows and sift through design possibilities.

Dynamo is a visual programming tool that tries to be user-friendly for both programmers and non-programmers. It allows users to graphically script behavior, develops custom logic, and write scripts in a variety of textual programming languages.

Color Splasher (BIMOne)

  • Color Splasher (BIMOne) – is a Revit plugin that allows users to graphically view and verify information in a model. It was originally developed by BIM One and is currently open-source on GitHub.

Color Splasher uses the values of a defined parameter to filter, select, and color elements, allowing users to see errors or missing data. Color Splasher does the remainder of the work when the user selects the appropriate category, then a parameter, and finally colors for each value of this parameter.

Using Revit’s default tools, you may create a color scheme based on the parameter values of elements, but it’s a long and arduous process.

Users must utilize the Filters tool to define a specific category of items and then add the filter to the Visibility/Graphics menu with a color override if Color Splasher is not installed. Color Splasher simplifies and accelerates this process.

BIMLink (Ideate)

  • BIMLink (Ideate) – BIMLink is a Revit integration developed by Ideate. BIMLink enables Revit users to extract important data from a Revit file and export it to Microsoft Excel, and vice versa (e.g., send precise BIM data back from Excel into their 3D model).

BIMLink makes full use of Excel’s ability to display many lines of data at the same time. Overall, the plugin aims to reduce the risk of manual errors, avoid costly on-site delays, and eliminate error-based rework by enhancing Revit data structure and reducing “double data processing.”

BIMLink, on the other hand, attempts to facilitate cooperation between Revit and non-Revit users by allowing the entire team to access relevant data without having to open Revit.

Guardian (Iconic BIM)

  • Guardian (Iconic BIM) – Guardian is an efficient solution for combating the human factor within a sophisticated BIM system. Administrators can use this Revit plugin to create custom warnings for specific actions, such as deleting a critical file or something else. Of course, Guardian may provide a variety of other capabilities, such as requiring a password for each such operation, other mapping components, and so on – but custom warnings are the feature that users are most familiar with.

It doesn’t matter how many times you tell your users not to explode a CAD file inside a model or add garbage families to your project, it still happens. Iconic BIM chose to tackle the issue with Guardian, a fantastic plugin. When one of your users tries to do something nefarious, such as bursting a CAD file, you can create special warnings below. To proceed, you can customize the text and request a password.

Family Reviser (DIRoots)

  • Family Reviser (DIRoots) – FamilyReviser, as the name implies, is another tool dedicated to a single specialty function — in this case, Revit family administration. It can be used to export and import said families, as well as to add a suffix/prefix to specific families, navigate through the list of families by name, and more. It can also be used to build “worksets” from specific families, making it much easier to allocate specific groups to different parts of a project, and it even allows you to specify rules for those worksets. Unfortunately, in order to improve Revit’s clarity, it is customary to advise using worksets as little as feasible.

BiMTOOLS (Sofistik)

  • BiMTOOLS (Sofistik) – Naturally, not all Revit add-ins must be created for a single purpose. Solutions like BiMTOOLS, for example, combine a variety of functions into a single package. 3D PDF production, selective tagging, element placement, font type substitution, mounting components copying, and other capabilities are available with this plugin.

This plugin includes several features, the most useful of which is Change Font. Needless to say, this tool can help you save a significant amount of time.

This function affects the fonts within loadable families such as tags, symbols, and title blocks, as well as changing the fonts of system families.

Enscape (Enscape GmbH)

  • Enscape (Enscape GmbH) – Enscape is a popular real-time visualization engine for Revit and other BIM software used by architects and designers.

Revit models are rendered as immersive 3D walkthroughs using the program. Enscape is designed to help AEC teams improve their presentations by providing a vast asset library, customizable atmosphere settings, 360 panorama possibilities, and other features to help them enhance the impact of 3D presentations.

The design team can simply gather and study input using Enscape’s real-time rendering to create the most impactful solutions for their clients. There’s even virtual reality (VR) feature in the software.

ParaManager (DIRoots)

  • ParaManager (DIRoots) – There is no method to add numerous common parameters to a project or a family rapidly in Revit.

ParaManager is a somewhat peculiar Revit plugin that exists simply to allow users to add parameters to several groups at once – a feature that the original Revit regretfully lacks. It’s just another technique to speed up or even completely automate some of the more tedious processes that come with working with Revit.

Model Checker (AutoDesk)

  • Model Checker (AutoDesk) – While the user interface of this plugin is a little odd and convoluted, it is a handy tool for checking your model’s health. Following the installation of the plugin, you will receive a “best practises” report. You can get a complete list of families, the number of groups, imported CAD files, and a lot more. The plugin is helpful in identifying the bloated elevator family in the example below.


  • pyRevit (EHSAN IRAN-NEJAD) – While it is true that choosing the greatest Revit plugin is nearly impossible, pyRevit is certainly closer than most to this status. It’s a well-known plugin in the community that provides a variety of beneficial features to make your Revit experience easier in some way. It would take a long time to list all of the features of pyRevit, but it is worth mentioning that there are both obvious and many unique features to be found there. Keynote Manager, for example, is a very typical feature of pyRevit, and it’s extremely important because Revit keynotes are difficult to work with using the standard toolset.

It allows you to see which user made which design and/or modeling decisions, so there are no finger-pointing when a key project element is floating in the air inside the model.

BIM Users benefit from a large market of Revit add-ins since it increases the odds of obtaining a suitable solution for their specific use case. We hope our list of the top 15 Revit add-ons proved useful in improving your Revit experience.

However, BIM selection and implementation has its set of objections, fundamental among them being:

  • Large investment in expensive software
  • Scarcity of qualified and skilled resources
  • Infrastructure requirements to support BIM technology

Therefore Outsourcing BIM services are recommended as a proven, efficient and feasible solution to overcome the challenges of BIM implementation.

Indovance Inc delivers a full range of BIM modeling projects. We work on parametric family creation, clash detection, model creation for all LOD (Level of Detail), 4D, 5D, and 6D support and model phasing, as well. We also provide complete support for CAD to BIM, point cloud to BIM, and PDF to BIM conversions.

For more queries regarding any of the above-mentioned topics, feel free to connect with us on our website www.indovance.com or contact us on +1-919-238-4044.


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