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Top 5 3D Scanning Apps for Architects – Android + iOS

3D laser scanning has significantly impacted the AEC business. It has left its mark in other industries like entertainment, gaming, technology, medicine, manufacturing, and more. Even though it has taken a little longer for technology to reach the construction industry, it is increasingly becoming a standard on construction sites globally. 

3D scanning and mapping are essential components of architecture, engineering, and construction, from the design stage to the inspection stage.

In this article, we will introduce 5 3D Scanning applications and software that enable Architects to produce 3D digital images with ease. The 3D Scanning Apps we’ve included, are both free and paid options to explore.

What is 3D Scanning?

3D laser scanning, also known as high-definition surveying or reality capture is a method of collecting accurate data about a construction site using laser rays. A laser beam assesses the structure’s length, width, and height of the building components and their connections to one another.

Terrestrial and mobile 3D scanning are approaches for swiftly and accurately collecting high-density spatial images with millions of coordinates.

Laser Scanning is a technique for scanning objects on a construction site that employs a specific technology which is LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). The point cloud image created by the 3D laser scanner accurately copies the scanned items.

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Depending on the manufacturer and type of the 3D scanner, it can be used for up to several meters.

The data obtained can subsequently be utilized to build 2D CAD drawings or 3D Revit BIM models using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer-aided Design (CAD) tools.

What are 3D Scanning Applications and Software?

3D Scanning apps are essentially mobile-based software that utilizes pocket-sized 3D scanners by using a smartphone’s 3D scanning app. These apps primarily rely on photogrammetry, which entails taking measurements from photographs of real objects to produce 3D models.

The app can create a convincing 3D representation of an object by taking multiple photos of it from different perspectives. Modern smartphones are also equipped with LiDAR (light detection and ranging) capabilities. 

Te creation of 3D objects for augmented reality is also possible using 3D scanner apps. Multiple images of an object from different angles are taken to create a 360° model of it using a phone. Additionally, this technology can be used to develop 3D models that work with 3D printing.

5 3D Scanning Applications – Apps for Architects

1.      Kiri Engine

Kiri Engine is one of the best 3D Scanning Apps for Architects

Kiri Engine, developed by Kiri Innovations is a free 3D scanning application available for both Android and iOS devices. Through sophisticated photogrammetry algorithms, Kiri Engine can create real-life objects in 3D. This tool can capture not only the geometry of a space but also its colors in 4K texture. 

The free version offers limited features like 3 free exports per week, up to 70 photos per project, LiDAR RoomScan (on compatible iOS devices), access to all export formats, in-app editing tools, and more.

By upgrading to the premium version which costs USD 9.99/month and USD 49.99/year, users get unlimited exports, access to advanced camera settings, shorter queue times, and more.

2.      Scandy Pro

Scandy Pro one of the best 3D Scanning Apps for Architects

Scandy Pro is a 3D scanning application that is compatible with iOS devices (iPhone X series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 series devices, and iPad Pro models from 2018 and onwards). It can create high-resolution 3D meshes in full color. With in-built SketchFab integration, scans are made small (without compromising on the resolution) for ease of sharing. 

Furthermore, can save and export scans with different formats, scales, and 3D editor orientations. There is no need to store files in the cloud as all rendering is done on the device itself. This app also enables users to adjust resolution, adjust the background color, reduce the number of polygon faces using the Decimate tool, and more.

Scandy Pro costs USD 1.99 weekly, USD 5.99 monthly, and USD 49.99 annually. 

3.      Qlone 3D Scanner

Qlone is one of the best 3D Scanning Apps for Architects

Qlone is compatible with Android and iOS, but its developers say the iOS version is much more advanced. Qlone is an all-in-one tool for 3D scanning and AR. Users can easily scan and edit them with different built-in tools.

The premium version of Qlone allows 4K scanning, exporting models in different file formats, and animating the 3D model via AR. Furthermore, it will give users 20 cloud credits for 20 scans. 

The iOS version of Qlone is free but the Android version costs around USD 20. The premium version costs USD 29.99 and users can also obtain 100 cloud credits for USD 9.99.

4.      Trnio

Trnio is one of the best 3D Scanning Apps for Architects

Trnio is an iOS-compatible app that uses LiDAR technology to make accurate scans of physical spaces. With AR Capture scanning, users can capture an object’s textures and sharp angles by scanning it from different angles. 

Trnio’s basic version costs USD 4.99 and offers limited features like an in-app editor and high-quality 3D scans. The Trnio Plus 3D Scanner, however, is much better. Users can capture ultra-HQ 3D scans, 500k face meshes with 8k textures, and combine LiDAR or ARKit data with drone or DSLR camera photos.

 The Trnio Plus 3D Scanner comes in different variants-

  • Mini monthly– USD 3.99/month with 50 scans.
  • Monthly– USD 9.99/month with 125 scans.
  • Yearly– USD 71.99/year with unlimited scans. 

5.      Widar

one of the best 3D Scanning Apps for Architects

Widar is another good choice for a 3D scanning app for Architects. It is free but features in-app purchases. This user-friendly app can be used to create 3D models of physical objects with a simple scan. Its LiDAR Scan Mode (functional only on phones with LiDAR sensors) makes it easy for users to scan rooms or other large areas. 

Widar Pro, which costs USD 4.99, offers 4K high-resolution texture for photo scanning, the ability to export with multiple professional file formats, and more.

These 5 3D scanning apps for architects are easily available and widely used. Scanning enables architects to carefully plan different phases of their work. The 3D model of a physical space enables better visualization and clash detection. It can also be shared with other professionals, thus facilitating coordination and collaboration.

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