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What Is Digital Prototyping?

Digital prototyping is a new way to explore concepts of a product before it has been built. It uses 3D CAD software to help with analysis and simulation. This technology allows designers and developers to optimize designs, validate them and then visualize the overall product before real prototypes come into play.

Digital prototyping will help make the design sequence and end result flawless. In addition, saving time and money is a real benefit when working with digital prototyping first. It also saves money in the development process as well as on into sales after the product is completed and manufactured.

Check out the benefits below. If you need help with CAD drawing services, give us a call. We’re number one for helping you grow your business with affordable outsourcing.

Benefits of Digital Prototyping

  • Better communication on every level of business.
  • Offer an improved product concept to those that aren’t directly involved in the design process.
  • Animate the digital model.
  • Add environment and graphics.
  • Helps investors make a decision on whether or not they’d like to capitalize on a project.
  • Add real world valves to modeled parts that help engineering procedures, improve designs, cut costs and remove things that aren’t needed.
  • Reduce costs for a variety of different non-development departments.
  • Endless amounts of information can be built into the prototype without limitation.
  • Electrical engineers have the ability to offer real world values to projects due to various software packages that can be used with this technology.
  • Optimize results in 3D software.
  • Market products confidently using quality renderings from digital prototyping.

Have you ever had an issue with a buildup of model files from suppliers? Does it hinder your ability to retrieve your own building models? If so, digital prototyping can help. Just trust the basic equipment and everything else can be removed and emailed to those you need to work with. Only the relevant information will be attached.

Engineering and Technology Magazine offers an example for us to consider. They state the following. “An air conditioning unit can be attached to a building with little file size increase, and a building can be reduced to a shell containing relevant information for a manufacturer to access the BIM and insert the equipment exactly in position, to specification, highlighting errors and optimizing installation time.”

Some assume that the software needed to work with digital prototyping and BIM is too expensive. While it might be an upfront cost that does seem high, the ROI is well worth the purchase. You’ll see a return quickly, without disrupting your current procedures.

Digital prototyping is a great way to further all architecture and engineering efforts. It’s expected to become the most used method of working in the near future. If you haven’t already started using this technology, 2016 might be the time to consider doing so.

Be a Champion with Our CAD Drawing Services | Indovance

Looking to streamline your product development? Consider working with Indovance and utilizing our CAD drawing services for digital prototyping. Simplifying your overall procedure is easy with this approach. You’ll increase productivity, offer a more differentiated product, as well as get them to market in record time. In addition, design changes are easy and errors are reduced significantly.

Why not consider the benefits of digital prototyping and making it easy to simulate products in action without limiting your innovations or development cycles? If you’re interested in learning more about these outsourcing services to make things simpler and more effective contact Indovance today.

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