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100% decarbonized mobility in construction: Possible?


Construction sites are full of moving parts, and we are not just talking about massive machinery at work. There is frequent, albeit unavoidable, transportation of workforce, materials, and equipment, which is a major CO2 emitting factor. Industries globally are going green and if the construction industry wants to keep up, it must work on decarbonizing mobility

It’s a critical step necessary to reduce the built environment’s global carbon footprint (which accounts for almost 40% of annual global CO2 emissions). To truly go ‘net-zero’, construction businesses need to adopt sustainable transport solutions that will deliver consistently without compromising on metrics like time, budget, or labour and equipment safety.

Now, can we decarbonize construction? We can deploy some strategies. Let’s look. 

Strategies for decarbonizing mobility in construction

There are a couple of ways in which we can make transportation on construction sites greener. Firms can promote the use of public transport or carpooling, employ remote sensing technologies, implement sustainable practices like prefabrication, and use electric or hybrid vehicles for transport.

Carpooling or using Public Transport

Instead of using individual vehicles, members of a construction firm can carpool or even use public transport to travel to and from construction sites. Another great alternative is to use bicycles or simply walk if the site is near your residence. Also, Carpooling can be a great bonding experience!

Plan better routes

Logistics is a huge part of construction as it involves planning and acquiring different materials from different vendors. If possible, construction businesses must plan on coming up with efficient routes for transport to reduce distances and in turn, reduce emissions.

Implementing remote sensing technologies

Remote sensing technologies like LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and GPS (Global Positioning System) eliminate the need to physically visit the site for inspection or monitoring work. Moreover, driving comes with its set of risks. With remote sensing, the chances of accidents happening are also reduced.

Use of EVs and hybrids instead of fossil fuel-powered vehicles

Firms can deploy electric scooters or other EV vehicles on the construction site to reduce emissions. Furthermore, there is a massive scope for using electric-powered or hybrid logistics vehicles. There has been progress in developing high-powered batteries that allow vehicles to travel long distances, and they are environment-friendly too!

These practices will go a long way in decarbonizing mobility in construction. We understand it is not easy, but we need to start somewhere. Leaders from the infrastructure and tech space need to come together to find sustainable mobility solutions for the construction space, and the upcoming Decarbonizing Mobility Forum is exactly that.

2023 Decarbonizing Mobility Forum

The 2023 Decarbonizing Mobility Forum is aimed at finding sustainable mobility solutions in infrastructure. It is a 1.5-day forum set to take place in Amsterdam on September 13-14, 2023. Leaders from the infrastructure and technology space will come together to discuss the solutions required to achieve ‘net zero’ in infrastructure mobility. 

They have identified two relevant solutions for decarbonizing mobility: Hydrogen-based Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). Among other things, the forum will discuss the competency of these two technologies in achieving net zero in infrastructure.

Here’s what the forum will cover

The forum will feature discussions on a variety of topics. Participants will first be taken to infrastructure sites in Amsterdam, where they will experience how the city’s top transportation and mobility organizations plan, finance, and deliver infrastructure.

From there, they move on to address the challenges that construction partners of automotive, transport and energy firms face in meeting the increasing demand for electric vehicles. There will then be an interactive discussion on the actions that need to be taken to achieve net-zero mobility, which will then move on to FCEV and BEV.

The 2023 Decarbonizing Mobility forum will also include panels that talk about expanding EV-related infrastructure, harnessing clean energy, meeting demands of net-zero mobility, and more.

You can check the entire schedule by downloading the forum agenda.

In the face of Global Warming, the construction industry is hustling to make a positive sustainability impact. The scope, however limited, provides everyone involved in not just construction, but the entire AEC industry, to act for change. With the right steps, we can achieve net zero.

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