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Digital Pro by Matterport is Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing with Immersive 3D Tours and HDR Photos


In the real estate industry, like other industries, effective advertising is essential as it is the primary driver of sales. With the appropriate tools, appealing and good-quality promotional material like brochures, billboards, and TV advertisements can be generated which will help in raising the visibility of an asset and facilitate its sale in an effective manner.  

The problem is that the entire process is expensive and slow because real estate professionals have to rely on different specialists for different marketing materials, be they physical or virtual. They need a solution that is affordable, and quick, and will get them the right promotional material without having to visit multiple locations.  

This is where Matterport and its new Digital Pro package come in!  

What is the Digital Pro Package and What Does it Include? 

Matterport caters mostly to the real estate industry, and they are leaders in generating accurate digital twins of buildings and other physical assets related to the industry. Their latest offering, the Digital Pro package is an affordable “all-in-one marketing solution” that allows real estate professionals to generate high-quality and immersive marketing content. 

Real Estate professionals just have to book an appointment and let Matterport’s professionals do the rest! 

The Digital Pro package includes:

With the Digital Pro package, real estate professionals will obtain the following marketing content.

  • HDR Photo: Matterport Image Specialists will create stunning HDR Photos from the digital twins to highlight the selling points of the property. 
  • 3D Tour: Real estate professionals will obtain an immersive 3D tour of the property, which can be used to give potential buyers a virtual tour of the property. 
  • 2D Floor Plan: Information associated with the digital twin of the property will also help in generating a dimensionally accurate floor plan, allowing buyers to get the appropriate essence of the spaces, flow, and other elements. 
  • Preview Video: A 10-15 second video is created that provides a quick view of the property and will be perfect for social media promotion and advertising. 

“Digital Pro addresses an important unmet need for our customers to make our industry-leading digital twin technology more affordable and accessible to every property listing. Digital Pro marks an important first step in realizing that vision,” said RJ Pittman, Chairman and CEO  of Matterport. “Matterport is now your convenient, one-stop shop for all property marketing needs with a state-of-the-art solution for every type of property that’s just a click away.”    

Cost of Digital Pro Package

The entire point of the package is to be affordable while being able to deliver high-quality marketing content. 

Matterport has therefore priced the Digital Pro package Starting at $299 ($500+ value)

How Digital Pro Will Benefit Real Estate Agents  

The National Association of  REALTORS Research Group recently released a trends report that said 67% percent of home buyers consider floor plans to be a useful piece of information in a property listing and another poll found 89% consider 3D Virtual Tours to be vital in the buying process. 

The tools in Matterport’s Digital Pro package will greatly benefit real estate professionals by enabling them to create immersive 3D virtual tours of their properties. Here are some ways in which this package will benefit real estate professionals. 

  • Increased Exposure: The 3D virtual tour and promotional video will allow prospective buyers to explore the property remotely. This will allow real estate professionals to effectively reach interested parties. 
  • Timesaving: In-person tours for every interested buyer can become tedious. By enabling virtual tours of the property, real estate professionals can allot their time to only the serious and most interested buyers.  
  • Improved Efficiency: Measurement tools, schematic floor plans, and other tools in the Digital Pro package will help real estate professionals to organize and present their listings efficiently. This in turn will make it easier for buyers to understand the layout and features of a property. 
  • Better Engagement: Features of Digital Pro will promote better engagement between buyers and real estate professionals.  
  • Competitive Advantage: Real estate professionals who offer 3D virtual tours, HDR photos, and preview videos of the property will automatically gain a competitive advantage as they will have better engagement with buyers and attract more business. 

Digital Pro package will thus prove to be a powerful tool for real estate professionals in the US to create engaging marketing material for their listings.  

Brian Balduf, Vice President, Services, at Matterport, talked about the benefits of Digital Pro. He said “Our mission has always been to provide services that empower real estate professionals to offer a smoother buying and selling experience. Matterport is often thought of as a premium service most suited for commercial spaces or luxury listings. With Digital Pro, we’ve packaged the value that sellers and agents have come to expect from Matterport in a low-cost offering fit for most listings.” 

To learn more about Matterport’s Digital Pro offering, visit http://www.matterport.com/digital-pro.

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