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10 most inspiring BIM projects from around the world


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an innovative technology that has revolutionized the construction industry. It has made construction processes more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. BIM involves creation of 3D models of buildings that allow architects, engineers, and contractors to collaborate better and optimize construction processes, resulting in remarkable construction projects globally.

In this blog, we showcase the top 10 most inspiring BIM projects from around the world. These projects represent the best of BIM technology and how its capabilities allowed firms to build the most complex structures efficiently. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, contractor, or simply interested in knowing about amazing construction projects, this blog post is for you. So, let’s dive in and look at some amazing BIM-based projects.

10 amazing BIM projects from around the world

MSG Sphere

The USD 1.8 billion project in Las Vegas is set to take entertainment to the next level. The MSG Sphere is a 112-meter-tall structure featuring 17,500 seats, the world’s largest LED display (16,000 square feet) that will have a resolution of 19,000 x 13,500 pixels, and the outside of this marvelous structure will be covered with 54,000 square meters of programmable lighting. The MSG Sphere shouts entertainment, for those inside it and out!

Video Source- The B1M on YouTube.

BIM played a crucial role in MSG Sphere’s construction. Its capabilities enabled the developers to create a 3D model of the structure, simulate different construction scenarios and identify potential issues beforehand. After fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and various structural challenges, the MSG Sphere is on track for completion this year.

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One Nine Elms

One Nine Elms, two towering structures of 56 and 43 stories respectively, are being constructed in London. These towers are mix-use skyscrapers featuring an underground parking space, residential and commercial spaces, an energy center, a spa, a ballroom, and more.

BIM enabled real-time data sharing and facilitated collaboration and coordination between different teams involved including architects, contractors, and engineers. This ensured that everyone involved was on the same page during the entire construction process. With BIM, the teams were able to identify and resolve potential clashes early on, leading to minimum rework and keeping the project on schedule. One Nine Elms will be completed this year, and going forward, the digital twin created through BIM will be used for maintenance and other operations.

Oakland International Airport

Back in 2012, work to build a new utility plant for the Oakland International Airport began. It would feature electrical and HVAC systems that would run around the clock for the efficient functioning of the airport. Turner Construction Company, the developers of this project, took a two-part approach where they renovated Building M104 and the Terminal 1 Central Utility Plant, and also constructed a new Terminal 1 Mechanical Building.

This meant they had to do architectural enhancements, construct new drainage and roofing, construct a new heater and chiller plant, modify interior spaces, and more. Such a complex project meant in-depth analysis and coordination between the teams, and that’s when BIM came into the picture. It enabled them to easily generate 3D models, perform complex analyses, and make informed decisions about the project. Furthermore, BIM allowed accurate documentation of the project. 

Shanghai Disneyland

Disneyland in Shanghai features the Enchanted Storybook Castle which is one of the biggest Disney castles. It’s packed with features that put a smile on the faces of millions of visitors every year. According to Trimble Construction, “The design of the castle involved approximately 142 people which included architects, engineers, and sub-contractors who all worked together from different locations around the world.”

The team used BIM’s 3D modeling capabilities to study the project and also for enhanced collaboration. All the information was shared within the team and it was accessible to every member of the project. The team was able to efficiently manage all the phases of the project and ensure the timely completion of another branch of ‘happiest place on earth!’ 

Helsinki Airport

Work on the extension of Terminal 2 of the Helsinki Airport involved adding new jet ways for wide-body aircraft, new parking spaces, increasing the area to 103,000 square meters, and more. The plan was to bring all the services under one roof instead of separate terminals. This extension project also features the addition of a multi modal travel center that will join the departure hall building and the new entrance of the local Ring Rail line. 

BIM ensured effective collaboration in this complex project. 3D models enabled better visualization and involvement of everyone throughout different stages. BIM also enabled Finavia Corporation, the owner of the project, to understand the feasibility of solar panels and their proper placement. BIM enabled the firm to efficiently manage and execute different stages of the project. This project is the winner of the Tekla 2022 Global BIM Award from the Public category

Ovalo Monitor Bridge

Our list of top 10 inspiring BIM projects continues with the Ovalo Monitor Bridge. Situated in Peru, this is an 870-meter-long, 2.2km bridge featuring a complex road design with straight and curved sections. Parametric modeling capabilities of BIM enabled efficient and quick execution of the project. Furthermore, a cloud-based data environment allowed information to be shared with everyone involved in the construction of the bridge. 

BIM helped the project parties identify interferences, and incompatibilities, and perform construction optimization analysis on components, and 4D BIM enabled better scheduling of the project. The Ovalo Monitor Bridge will connect two prominent districts within Lima and aims to reduce the vehicular load by 85%.

Tampere Deck and Arena

Tampere Deck and Arena is a sports and recreation center built above railway tracks in the heart of Tampere, Finland. This center features a hotel, casino, conference rooms and other event facilities, restaurants, and more. With a capacity to house 13,000 viewers, this place is ideal for hosting games and concerts. In the past, artists like Sting, Eric Clapton, and Robbie Williams have performed at the Tampere Deck and Arena.

The Tampere Deck and Arena was a complex structure to build. SRV Rakennus Oy was the main contractor of the project, ARCO Tampere (former Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy) was the lead and architectural designer, and Ramboll Finland Oy took the MEP/technical designer duties and was responsible for structural, HVAC, and electrical, traffic, infrastructure, and foundation design of the project. BIM was used for collaboration and coordination between parties. BIM software enabled professionals to execute different stages efficiently.

Galaxy Tower

Galaxy Tower in Utrecht, Netherlands, is another great example of a BIM-based project. This 92-meter-high hotel and residential structure features 250 rooms, 300 apartments, underground parking, and many other facilities. Project parties benefitted from BIMs capabilities from an early stage. It allowed them to identify potential clashes, study material parameters, and plan for utilities like plumbing, electrical, and placing HVAC systems.

Pierrefonds Waste Management Plant

The Pierrefonds Waste Management Plant in France is another BIM-based structure. This plant is built to address energy and environmental problems of the south and west sections of the Reunion Islands. Once the Pierrefonds landfill is at capacity, this waste management plant will take over and handle the waste of 60% of the island’s population. It adheres to local sustainability laws and will help the island in transitioning towards clean energy. The Pierrefonds Waste Management Plant will also significantly reduce landfills.  

BIM enabled proper coordination and model sharing between engineering teams. The project parties also used these models to coordinate the envelope of an adjacent building. 

Nanjing International Youth Cultural Center

The last entry into our list of the 10 most inspiring BIM projects is the Nanjing International Youth Cultural Center. Its development was undertaken by Zaha Hadid Architects, an architecture firm founded by influential architect Zaha Hadid. The structure spans an area of 465000 square meters and features two towers with office spaces, hotels, and more. There is a mix-use podium that houses a cultural center and it’s shared between the two towers. 

Professionals at Zaha Hadid Architects used BIM throughout the construction process. The team constructed both towers simultaneously in a top-down and bottom-up fashion, allowing them to complete the construction in significantly less time. This required impeccable coordination and collaboration between subject matter professionals which was facilitated by BIM. 

The world is full of innovative structures, born when creativity was coupled with modern-age technology. As BIM solidifies its place in the industry, we can be sure to see more energy-efficient and robust buildings, safer construction sites, and more involvement of different parties. Prefab construction is another avenue that is picking up and BIM will prove beneficial in that area as well.

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