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3D drafting and Solid Modeling: Boosting your productivity

Introduction:  By sheer definition 3D drafting is a process of developing mathematical representations of any 3D surface of any object. Although the definition leaves you clueless in terms of what it really means, simply put 3D drafting is a design form that helps you visualize a purely conceptual idea with ease; giving you a feel as if the object is in front of you. Today, we have 3D drafting solutions that cater to the mining, petrochemical, and commercial industry.

Solid modeling on the other hand is a consistent set of principles for mathematical and computer modeling of 3D solids.  It is the most advanced method of modeling that allows your representation of solid part on your computer screen. A typical geometric model is made up of wire frames that show the object in the form of wires. This wire frame structure can be two dimensional, two and half dimensional or three dimensional.

3D drafting and solid modeling offer huge business advantages to variety of industries. Almost every industry presently uses some form or the other of 3D and solid modeling. Here’s a quick look at some the advantages.

POINTER 1It’s easier to understand the design in 3D rather than struggling to visualise how multiple elevations in your drawings will look in reality. Once you have 3D or a solid engineering model, all the working drawings for many manufacturing and assembly processes can be easily generated.


With the help of a computer, you can create photographic quality stills of proposed designs or animations of your product from your models. These visuals can be used to communicate the product to your customers, sales and marketing folks, and engineering and installation team members.


It’s possible to virtually combine of all the parts of your 3D model into a final assembly. With the virtual assembly you can simulate the mechanical and physical properties of your real product reducing the need to make physical prototypes.

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