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3D Printed Cars Are Here and They're Fast!

CAD DRAFTING SERVICESCar manufacturers are the latest to embrace 3D printing, and they didn’t limit themselves to parts or motors. They’ve used the technology to print full size, road ready cars. If you need affordable CAD drafting services, call Indovance for a free quote!

The Strati
The first 3D printed car, the Strati, was built in Detroit by Local Motors, an American car manufacturing company known for creating low volume, open source designs. The company is no stranger to 3D printing. They have been using the technology to create car parts, toy model cars and skateboards.

The Strati, a small two-seater, debuted at a car show earlier this year. It was printed in one session in less than two days. They installed an electric motor in it so it would be drivable during the show. It was printed with carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, which is a strong but inexpensive material. Because it’s printed in layers, safety features can be enhanced to absorb damage from impact. The car’s design is in its infancy, so most features haven’t been developed yet, but CEO Jay Rogers believes in its potential to become what they want.

“We can really prep a car any way. We can get it to look refined. We can build shapes. We can mill features and things like that,” he said. “It’s really about what the design calls for. Between the printing, the milling, the polish, and the vinyl wrap, it’s almost unlimited.”

The Strati has a top speed of 40mph with a battery that lasts between 50 and 120 miles. While that’s not very fast, it was developed as a “neighborhood” car, not for speed.

The LM3D
Another car built by Local Motors, the LM3D is a customizable, highway ready car. The design was chosen after a panel of judges, including car enthusiast Jay Leno, picked it out of over 200 designs during an open source challenge.

The car was completed in a little over two months, from design to the actual printing. It’s built out of a material that’s as durable as a Corvette. Some parts, such as the wheels, tires, drivetrain and steering wheel, will be manufactured traditionally. It’s currently being tested to ensure it meets safety guidelines. The company says it will be for sale for about $35,000 early next year.

The Blade
3D printing technology would allow manufacturers to save time and resources on the design and production of cars. Divergent Microfactories, a startup in Silicon Valley, hopes to use 3D printing to revolutionize how cars are made. They have created a green 3D process that reduces materials, energy and cost.

CEO Kevin Czinger said in a press release, “Society has made great strides in its awareness and adoption of cleaner and greener cars. The problem is that while these cars do now exist, the actual manufacturing of them is anything but environmentally friendly.”

They developed the Blade, which they call a “disruptive new approach to auto manufacturing.” Not only is it one of the greenest cars available, it’s powerful, too. It has a 700-horsepower bi-fuel engine that runs on either gas or natural gas, and can go from zero to 60 in just under two seconds. It beats a Ferrari by a second.

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