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3D Printing Advancing Health Care

3D cad services3D printing is helping make huge advancements in the healthcare field. From using it to print drugs to creating medical devices and implants to artificial bones, this new technology is opening up doors to what doctors will be able to do in the future.

Using computer-aided design (CAD) software, a 3D digital model can be created and then sliced into pieces, which are then printed layer by layer until a solid object is formed. Items have been created out of plastic, metal and ceramic.

In the medical field, a pharmaceutical company recently printed pills using their patented ZipDose technology, which created medicine in porous layers. These layers allow for the pills to be dissolved quickly when they come into contact with water. Researchers are looking to develop more ways to use 3D printing for drugs, including customizing drug treatments for individual patients.

3D printing technology is also being used in the dental field. Invisalign, the clear alternative to metal braces, was created as a result of 3D technology. The impressions of teeth were created using a 3D model created using 3D CAD services, then the actual braces, or aligners, were created for each stage of the straightening process. The aligners were created using stereolithography, which turns a liquid into a solid object. The pliable materials made it possible to customize the aligners for each patient.

Several years ago, a patient received a splint in the tubes that carry air to her lungs in order to keep them open. She had tracheobronchomalacia, a disease that weakens those tubes, making it difficult to breathe. The splint was printed with 3D technology. So far, according to reports in a 2013 medical journal, the patient had no problems relating to it.

In China, a company announced that it had created a process called Filament Free Printing that can create 3D bones. The process recreates the intricate structure inside of bones in a material that is biodegradable. They implanted one into a rabbit and the bone began growing cells on its own almost immediately. The experiment proved that the treatment could help in bone loss and damage in humans.

Research is also being done on using 3D printing for skin grafts and printing of organs and tissues but it requires complex bioprinters that can recreate human cells. The process is similar to any 3D printing project in that it begins with a CAD design. In this case, it is of a human tissue that’s printed layer by layer using “bio-ink,” which are liver cells and hydrogel mixed together. The hydrogel fills the spaces in the tissue. The cells are then put in an incubator where they fuse together and form the full liver tissue. It hasn’t been tested on humans yet, but as technology advances, researchers hope that they can fine-tune the process.

The production of medical devices also benefits from the advances in 3D CAD services and printing. They can be made more efficient so that they reduce surgery time. In addition, treatment can be more customized to the patient, giving better results when surgery is the only option. Overall, the future looks bright for 3D printing in the healthcare industry.

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