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How 3D Printing is Changing the Global Construction Industry

3D CAD Services3D printing is an exciting innovation that is changing the way things are made. As the technology progresses, it becomes more amazing. In our latest report about 3D printing, we talked about a huge step in the right direction concerning 3D printing and how it’s changing house building and the global construction industry.

China has created a printer that was able to construct a building. In fact, according to globalconstruction.com, “Chinese company Winsun has already claimed to have built 10 3D constructed houses in one day at a cost of just $5,000 per house. In addition to making housing more affordable, many architects also hope that 3D printing will increase their ability to customize homes and buildings. Earlier this year, Winsun took its 3D printing construction beyond single houses, building a five-story apartment building and an 11,840-square-foot villa. Winston used a large 3D printer that fabricates the building parts in large pieces at the company’s facility. Winston then assembled the pieces on-site adding steel reinforcements and insulation.”

We also reported on a man who 3D printed a small castle in the U.S. It was printed from a printer he constructed. This amazing invention actually uses a form of concrete for construction.

The Dutch are also getting in on this new technology, in hopes of 3D printing a steel bridge. According to OPP.Today, “The bridge, at a location still to be confirmed, is planned to go ahead in 2017, and could take two months for the robots to build, but when finished, it should be a visible indication of the promise of 3D printing by robots and the fact that large-scale infrastructure can be printed in-situ. Unlike other 3D buildings constructed from resin or plastic, the bridge will be made from a strong new steel composite created by the University of Delft.”

This is exciting and we hope to report on the construction of the bridge as it unfolds. Have you been keeping up with 3D printing and how it’s changing the global construction industry? Big things are happening. In addition to the way things are constructed, it’s also possible the 3D printed materials will be sustainable enough to help save our planet.

For more 3D printing news, be sure to check back with us in the near future. We are committed to bringing you the latest news, as it’s available to us.

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