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3D Printing Food

CAD Drafting ServicesAre you ready to learn, once more, about 3D printing and how it’s changing!? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Indovance is here to report all the happenings, as they’re released. We are excited to discuss the latest news, below!

The year for 3D printing technology  is 2015. With unbelievable creations and advancements, the possibilities for 3D printing are changing rapidly!

Now, believe it or not, 3D printed food is making headlines. While it isn’t expected to be a novelty in the near future, the idea is still fascinating – and delicious! This technology is expected to be accepted in the way that the microwave was, all those years ago. It took a while for us to really understand and accept the invention into our homes and daily lives.

There are several different types of 3D printers for food. According to digitaltrends.com, “The 3D Systems ChefJet crystalizes thin layers of fine-grain sugar into virtually any geometric configuration, while Natural Foods’ Choc Edge dispenses chocolate from syringes in beautiful, melty patterns. The Foodini uses fresh ingredients loaded into stainless steel capsules to prepare a surprisingly wide array of dishes. Its latest model isn’t a soup-to-nuts solution — it only prints raw dough, which then must be cooked as normal — but the printer can partially make pizza, filled pasta, quiche, and even brownies.”

According to the Washington Post, “German nursing homes serve a 3D-printed food product called Smoothfoods to elderly residents who have difficulty chewing. Purees, the conventional alternative, typically aren’t very appetizing, which sometimes leads to under eating. Residents get malnourished in certain cases.”

In addition to food, 3D printers are also able to make dental implants, Invisalign, shoes and more. The possibilities seem to be endless with the outstanding technology that is continuing to develop each year. How do you feel about 3D printing food? Would you consider having a printer in your home? We think the idea is fun, innovative and could catch on! Just look at how well other 3D printing ventures are doing!

We are dedicated to bringing you the most recent information and reports about 3D printing and how effective it is in today’s world. Stay tuned to learn more about this type of printing in future blog posts!

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