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How 3D Printing Will Change the Way People Work

3D printing isn’t going away, and it will inevitably change the way you work and do business, even if you’re not in the tech field. 3D printing technology has spanned across nearly all industries and will only continue to spread as more advances are made. While you may not be directly working with a 3D printer, its capability to change the workflow will probably affect your job in some way within the next few years. We’ve rounded up a few ways it could change the way you work.

With the technology allowing for companies to make the manufacturing process faster and more efficient, production will increase. If you work for a company that produces and sells items, certain areas of your work could be shortened, giving you time to focus on other areas. For instance, if you sell custom ink pens, the process of creating them could be cut in half, giving you a faster turnaround for clients. The shorter the sale process, the more clients you can contact.

One of the unique features of 3D printing is that it allows for customization that traditional equipment can’t manage. A design can be changed in the computer software used for creating the original, and then one can be printed rather than a thousand. Larger, more powerful 3D printers will be able to handle the workload of customized designs, so it’s not something that most people will have access to anytime soon, but the future is headed that way. That means those pens you sell don’t have to be sold in bulk with one personalization. You can sell packs of ten or 20 with any custom order that your client wants.

One of the coolest features of 3D printing is how much creativity it allows designers. Once someone knows how to use the proper software to create models and prototypes, there’s no limit to what they can attempt to develop. Small printers are available for use in homes that are being used to make handmade items sold on websites such as etsy.com. You can find jewelry, toys, and home decor made using 3D printing technology. Businesses grow when options are expanded. Those pens you sell don’t have to be traditional ballpoint pens; they could be a new type of bendable, flexible pen that someone just created.

While some people are interested in recreating items using 3D printing, there are people in some industries using it to create things we haven’t seen before. The medical field, in particular, is using this technology to create replicas of body parts such as teeth, tissues, and nerves. They hope to be able to make viable parts that can be used in humans to replace damaged parts and cure illness. That means that you might not be limited to selling pens. In 20 years, your company could’ve developed a 3D-printed pen that’s an extension of your finger. That may sound like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but that’s where technology is headed.

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