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4 Reasons to Run FEA with SOLIDWORKS Simulation


Finite element analysis (FEA) is a statistical method for predicting how an object will react to real-world forces, vibrations, and other physical impacts, which is familiar to most engineering design experts. FEA is a crucial element in the product development design cycle that can help you save money on development and create a more durable and reliable final product.

To verify their ideas, more and more engineering teams are turning to complicated SOLIDWORKS FEA tools like SOLIDWORKS Simulation. However, using a software tool to conduct analysis necessitates certain specific expertise and technical skills.

What is FEA (Finite Element Analysis)?

The concepts of FEA were created in the early 1940s, but when it was implemented on computers in the 1980s and 1990s, the method became more popular. Today, FEA is a strong tool utilized by designers in a variety of industries. It’s employed to virtually solve structural, vibrational, and thermal concerns before they become genuine problems.

FEA is a way of testing how a product design reacts to physical effects such as bending, heat, vibration, fluid flow, and other impacts using virtual simulation technologies. You can review designs early in the design cycle with FEA simulation tools, determine what would cause premature failures, quickly explore design changes to save cost and weight and calculate the product’s factor of safety.

Engineers can use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to uncover answers earlier in the design cycle, saving time and money while also providing insights into how to enhance quality before the actual prototype. The number of physical prototypes decreases dramatically, and in certain situations, they are eliminated.

FEA with SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation is a virtual testing environment for analyzing your design, evaluating its performance, and making product-quality decisions. But how does it manage to do so? Finite Element Analysis, or FEA, is a numerical approach used by the software behind the scenes.

SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation is a collection of analysis tools that use FEA to simulate CAD models and forecast real-world physical behavior. The portfolio consists of three products: Simulation Standard, Simulation Professional, and Simulation Premium, each of which adds easy-to-use features to address increasingly difficult challenges.

Shape your Structures SAFE, STABLE, and SUSTAINABLE

4 Reasons to Run Finite Element Analysis with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

We can rapidly and efficiently analyze our models with SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation packages to help us make educated design decisions and drive the manufacturing process. The following are some of the reasons why you should reconsider using FEA in your design process if you haven’t already:

1. SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation works with Non-Native Files

SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation works the same way whether you use imported files from vendors or other sources. To execute FEA on SOLIDWORKS files, you don’t need them to be native. SW Simulation is also included within the SOLIDWORKS program. You don’t have to leave the familiar modeling environment to perform a geometry analysis!

2. Automation

One of the most appealing aspects of FEA is the ability to harness the power of computer systems automation and have them generate results while you focus on something else. When the study begins, the software takes control and gives you the findings immediately when it is completed. Working smarter, not harder, is the way to go.

3. Cost & Time Efficient

Prototypes are both costly and time-consuming to create. In terms of how quickly physical prototypes are made, as well as how expensive they may be to make, the typical iterative design process is clogged. By virtual prototyping and reducing the number of physical prototypes generated, SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation reduces the bottleneck.

4. Visualization

It’s a lot easier to experiment with potential changes to the part or assembly file when you have direct access to the CAD geometry. Changing a dimension here or a mate there takes minutes, and the study may be re-run to explore the impacts, rather than having to wait for another actual prototype to be manufactured. The ability to adjust the shape and loading conditions of the simulation on the fly opens up a world of possibilities before the first physical item is manufactured.

Engineers developing complex systems or designing parts and components for larger assemblies can benefit from SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation. SOLIDWORKS FEA simulation and analysis tools cut product development costs, guarantee goods get to market quickly, and allow you to experiment with materials and designs that result in light, low-cost products.

SOLIDWORKS, an interactive 3D ecosystem, will help the company build tomorrow’s creative designs more quickly and cost-effectively.

Indovance Inc has been providing all sorts of design, drafting, modeling, and analysis services to its clients for almost two decades. Our SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design solutions offer easy extremely strong capabilities, reducing time for design development, cost reduction, and quality improvement.

Our team of experienced FEA specialists and technically sound engineers use cutting-edge structural stress analysis software and tools to deliver an accurate and credible analysis of various components that may have an effect or impact on the efficiency, performance, and life cycle of the structure.

For more queries regarding any of the above-mentioned topics, feel free to connect with us on our website www.indovance.com, or contact us at +1-919-238-4044.

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